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Key Points for Mukul Deva

  • Mukul Deva is an alumni of La Martiniere College, Lucknow, the National Defence Academy, the Indian Military Academy, and a certified coach from the Henley Business School, University of Reading UK.
  • He is the founding director of the India-based MSD Security PVT LTD and Influence Solutions Private Limited, Singapore.
  • Is an Associate Executive Coach with the Singapore Civil Services College, and has also served as a Mentor with the United Nations Institute of Training & Research.
  • Is a skilled coach, mentor and F.I.R.S.T. Master Facilitator in leadership, strategic thinking, change, innovation and team performance.
  • Has worked with CEOs, top government officials and managers across cultures, countries and industries to achieve transformational results.
  • Is the author of over 18 books in 5 different genres including Make success a habit, Rise through the ranks, M.O.D.E.L. The return of the employee, Lakshar, Salim must die, Blowback and many many more.

Topics for Mukul Deva

  • Activate the right A.R.C. - agility, resilience, change mindset
    Shift and retain the focus of your organisation on positivity, people and potential.

    The perfect keynote for those who seek to flourish and stay ahead of the curve. It will equip and empower your audience with simple, powerful and pragmatic actions that they can take to:
    • Activate the right A.R.C. - Agile Attitude, Resilience and the confidence to handle change. 
    • Gain clarity of their strengths and inner resources and learn how to leverage them to achieve even more success and significance. 
    • Identify the traps that stand in the way of their natural agility, resilience and confidence. 
    • Create the required paradigm shift so that they can spot that opportunity in every change, disruption and situation brings. 
    • Discover how shifting focus and taking small actions can help them generate big results.

  • The opportunity of change
    Help your audience to realise and act on the simple fact that change presents opportunities that empower progress.

    The perfect keynote to enhance the awareness and confidence of our audience at how and how well they are already handling change. It will help your audience to:
    • Realise the value of the change(s) they are facing.
    • Become aware of the multitude of changes they have handled and the many inner resources they have to do so.
    • Understand the psychology of change.
    • Be able to plan, correctly communicate and better support the change.

  • Leading through change and disruption
    Empower your leaders to cut through the clutter and stay F.I.R.S.T.™ - that is, Future-ready, Innovative, Relevant, Strategic and Trusted.

    The perfect keynote to enhance the confidence of your leaders at leading their teams in times of change and disruption.  It will empower your audience to:
    • Provide a seamless leadership to their teams.
    • Demonstrate a people-centred and performance focused approach.
    • Empower leaders with specific tools to meet individual aspirations (of team members) and organisational goals.

  • Make success a habit
    When the aim is to flourish, not just survive.
    This thought-provoking and interactive keynote is ideal for opening and closing conferences, corporate retreats and special events.

    This keynote unleashes your inner positivity. It leaves you with simple, pragmatic actions that can help you to achieve huge results without any major incremental effort. And is guaranteed to energise, empower and inspire your audience and provide them with actions they can immediately take to make success a habit.

    Enhance audience experience and learning by gifting them a copy of Mukul's book Make Success a Habit, on which this keynote is based.

Testimonials for Mukul Deva

Mukul is one of the best speakers I have ever experienced.
Hewlett Packard, South Korea

Mukul has the magic to reach everyone, regardless of their personal or professional background. It feels so good to go home knowing that we have learned something new.
New Zealand Chamber of Commerce

Mukul is funny, engaging and inspiring. Everything a coach in teamwork and high performance needs to be.
Vice President Group Corporate Communication

Very dynamic and charismatic speaker. Mukul has the rare talent to take very complex topics and break it down to make it understandable for anyone, may it be a fellow colleague or a random pedestrian from the street.
Project Manager

Mukul is excellent and thought provoking.
Transit Link Singapore

Mukul is a very charismatic and unforgettable speaker. In 30 minutes, he is able to tell you contents that are usually packed in a few books on success. And he talks in a very interactive manner and connects with people instantly. It feels almost like you're having a 1-to-1 talk with him.
Yvonne Tse Crepaldi PhD

Mukul knows how to reach out to people, even stubborn ones like me. He is excellent in de-constructing and making things simpler. In an amazing manner he dismantled my strengths to reveal what more ought to be done so that multiple ripples of positive behaviour were replicated.
Assistant Director
Singapore Public Service Commission

Perfect 10! I learnt how to let my team see the problem, come up with the solution and be accountable. The result is that they grow as leaders. I strongly recommend this session to be extended to our next in-line people managers.
Senior Leadership Team

Very engaging, there was never a dull moment! Mukul offered valuable views and advice, helping me to see a different aspect of a situation.
Syngenta Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Mukul is a genius. His strength / ability is the way he engages me and coaches me to help me fulfill my goals and aspirations.
Senior Consultant, Department of Surgery
NUH, Singapore

Mukul is one of the best facilitators I have ever seen. He made learning simple and easy.
Head Customer Lifestyle Management

Mukul has the amazing ability of attracting the complete attention of the audience, irrespective of duration of the session, different type of personality of the attendees. The way he makes the session interactive, engages people and delivers things in the easiest way is simply superb! An amazing coach who is on top of every issue.
Human Resource Manager
Aggreko (Bangladesh)

I learnt how to change my perception towards an issue or problem. Mukul is inspirational.
Hewlett Packard, South Korea

Mukul is a thoughtful mentor and inspiring leader. He sets high standards of accountability for himself, and leads by example. He has extraordinary drive, entrepreneurial determination, and tenaciousness coupled with creative influence and communication skills. He is highly respected in the community and continues to impact those around him in a distinctive way.
Senior Associate Director
National University of Singapore

Mukul has been a positive and energetic driver of change. His vast experience and ability to crystallize issues to root causes provides much needed clarity and inspiration to meeting the challenges of fast-paced change.
Senior Assistant Director
Ministry of Trade and Industry

Mukul's delivery was lively and engaging. He delivered his points with punch and precision without it being heavy and overbearing.
Manager Cyber Security

Mukul is an amazing coach. His guidance has helped me tremendously to face the personal problems that I went through. He never gave advice but rather guided me through series of thought provoking interactions that allowed me to arrive at the answer myself. His coaching instilled courage and confidence and gave me the much needed long-term perspective to face and change things.
Thomson Reuters, USA

It’s a sheer treat to attend a couple of sessions facilitated by Mukul Deva. I have come across very few coaches who have this immense ability to influence people so naturally. He is a clear thinker and can explain complex corporate jargons/terms in very simple words. With his wealth of experience as entrepreneur, author and army man, he can wear many thinking hats and can suggest very practical insights.
Principal Consultant

Mukul made each session impactful in listening to me, making me feel comfortable and then helping me discover the key stages to tackling each challenge.
Assistant Director, Singapore Public Service Division
Prime Minister's Office

Mukul brought a depth of experience and insight to a number of training activities at UNITAR. Over the years we have engaged with him, Mukul quickly formed deep mentoring relationships with a number of representatives from post-conflict countries, most notably Afghanistan. He worked diligently to guide individuals and teams in the development of targeted project documents which comprehensively addressed areas of identified need. In addition, his training modules on leadership and communication - consistently of excellent instructional design - were well received by senior government officials of a number of countries, as well as representatives of the United Nations.
United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)

Mukul has a witty personality. He can dissect people with pinpoint accuracy. His clearmindedness is his greatest distinction and he makes me sit-up when he speaks. Definitely an excellent leader, coach and mentor.
Vice President Customer Experience Management
Prudential Assurance

You will remember Mukul even after talking to 100 people on the same night. He is highly intelligent and never fails to amaze me with his piercing and very sharp viewpoints. Definitely not surprising that he is one of the gurus on transformational thinking!
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur