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Key Points for Moya Dodd AO

  • Moya Dodd AO is a former Matildas vice-captain in the pioneering days, who once sewed the coat of arms onto her own kit.
  • She was one of the first few women on the board of FIFA, and led a global gender equality reform movement in the FIFAGate crisis.
  • Moya served on the Football Australia board, and its Bid Committee that brought the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup to Australia
  • She is a lawyer (Partner at Gilbert + Tobin) and competition law podcaster (The Competitive Edge).
  • As a keynote speaker, author and story-teller, Moya regularly appears in written and spoken media (Backstories, Adelaide Festival; chapter author ‘Radical Football’; SMH columnist).
  • Moya is an advocate for human rights in sport; assisted Afghan players from the Kabul uplift; campaigned to lift the hijab rule change and the Iranian women’s stadium ban.
  • She is also an advocate for LGBTIQ+ inclusion and cultural diversity through her lived experience as a half-Asian LGBT Australian.
  • She is an expert consultant on culture and governance in sport, with experience of governing bodies at all levels. Has consulted on several sports reviews for the AIS.
  • Moya is active in social impact movements including as Co-Chair of Common Goal’s Advisory Board (together with Juan Mata), and as a founding member of Women Onside.


Topics for Moya Dodd AO

  • The inspirational rise of women’s football
    In the early days of the Matildas, players paid their own airfares and sewed the national crest onto their own jackets. Today, they play to record audiences, and appear on the cover of the FIFA game. Former Matildas vice-captain Moya Dodd shares the journey of women’s football from decades of bans and neglect, through the battles against sexism, indifference and homophobia, to the growth of professionalism and the phenomenal success of the 2023 World Cup. With priceless stories of her experiences from grassroots football to high performance teams, and into the boardroom of FIFA, Moya brings to life the ongoing challenges for equality, and the crucial roles of athlete activists and the unique fan community.
  • FIFA and the fight for gender equality
    As one of the first women to serve on the board of FIFA (after 108 years) former Matildas vice-captain Moya Dodd found herself among the most privileged and male-dominated institutions in the world. Appointed to a quota position, she became the leading advocate for women’s inclusion, including overturning the headscarf ban, campaigning for Iranian women’s right to attend stadiums, and enabling more women leaders. When the FIFAGate scandal unfolded, she became the ‘driving force’ (New York Times) for gender equality in the reform movement.
    Moya shares a change-maker’s inside account of influence, cultural resistance and governance reform in challenging FIFA to overcome its history of gender exclusion to better embrace diversity, inclusion and human rights. Just as the 1920s bans on women playing football rippled around the world a century ago, football has now become a vehicle for global progress in women’s empowerment.
  • Ethics and integrity: A football adventure
    As one of the first women to serve on the board of FIFA, former Matildas vice-captain Moya Dodd found herself among the most privileged and male-dominated institutions in the world. At the highest levels of football governance, she found integrity issues writ large. Moya was one of only three (out of 27) board members who declined a $29,000 gift watch at the 2014 World Cup. A year later, she found herself in a luxury Zurich hotel as her colleagues were arrested in a dawn raid. As the FIFAGate scandals unfolded, she became ‘one of the most credible and outspoken voices for change’ (Vice Sports) in a reform movement that embedded gender equality and human rights into FIFA’s own statutes, setting a global precedent in sporting governance. But as the infamous Spanish kiss showed at the Women’s World Cup Final in Sydney, reform remains a work in progress. As the ultimate insider, Moya shares priceless stories and deep insights into complex issues of ethics, integrity and cultural change.
  • The power of difference
  • Leadership

Testimonials for Moya Dodd AO

Thank you for an outstanding presentation. The audience absolutely loved it.
Conference Organiser

You did a phenomenal job of relating your presentation to our audience and tailoring your content to be relevant and engaging.
Conference Organiser

Thank you so much for coming in today to speak. You couldn’t see it but we had hundreds of people coming in over WebEx. The feedback from everyone has just started to roll in on how much everyone loved hearing your story with some very valuable takeaways.
Corporate Client

The feedback has been outstanding on your session and it was a huge contributor to the success of the day.
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