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Key Points for Monica Moore

  • Monica Moore, an award-winning speaker and author, fuses theatre, business, and education in her keynotes, workshops, and coaching, prompting audiences to challenge labels and strive for communication excellence.
  • Certified with distinction as an Associate of Trinity College London (ATCL), Monica's personal triumph over negative labeling is now an award-winning book, inspiring others to break free from limiting labels.
  • Monica, your event ally, seamlessly integrates expertise and tailored solutions, creating a positive 'shift' for success in communication strategies.
  • Monica delivers pure Communication Excellence, utilizing her diverse background to provide efficient tools for positive outcomes and organizational growth—be prepared to be impressed.

Topics for Monica Moore

  • From the paper to the people
    Monica delivers ‘From the paper to the people’ - bringing vision, mission, purpose and values to life through Communication. Excellence for successful organisational culture and productivity. Monica’s tagline is ‘words that work’ and her promise is to make a positive shift in all who actively participate in her presentations.
  • Do the doing
    Cultural change takes time, persistence, and commitment from all levels of the organisation. It's not a one-time event but an ongoing process that requires consistent effort and reinforcement. Make a little progress every day.
  • Cultural revolution and evolution
    Implementing a cultural revolution or evolution within an organization requires a thoughtful and strategic approach. Doing this will help you to authentically connect to vision, mission, purpose, and values. Organisational culture should be freeing; no one wants to feel ‘boxed in’.
  • Innovation
    Pre-pandemic feels long ago; when life was more predictable with a familiar order. Like a popular song, the majority all danced to the same rhythm. The innovators were always there; known as ‘them’ , they were ‘over there’ while the rest of the world basked in the familiarity of the familiar. And now ‘things’ are different. Very different. The patterns have changed, the rhythm is unusual; discordant and disruptive. We’ve always done it like this, while never being the best response to anything, has now become one of the most dangerous reasons for any organisation to do, well, anything. If your organisation has a chance at survival and success in this new environment of ‘business as unusual’ then it needs to start, not with results, management plans, KPI’s or market forecasts, but with its greatest asset; its people.
  • Delivery - The how of speaking is just as important as the what and why
    Effective delivery of information ensures that you are clear and easily understood by the intended audience. This clarity minimizes the risk of misinterpretation or confusion. A confident and authentic delivery builds trust, influencing the listeners to be engaged to your message.

Testimonials for Monica Moore

I loved listening to you. Such an inspiration! Lucky enough to have heard you twice now and have enjoyed both sessions.
Financial Advisor

Monica was very charismatic and had the audience engaged for the entire 90 minutes that she presented at our Conference. One of the comments we received was that the time slot was not long enough and that they wanted to hear more! What we really enjoyed was how she tailored her presentation and workshop to our organisation’s vision, purpose and values and infused humour into it. I would recommend booking her for any even that needs a keynote speaker.
Electrical Engineer

Monica is warm and engaging. She weaves her stories into the wisdom pieces beautifully. She is very funny and the laughter opens us up to the learning.
Events Manager
Master Builders Association

Monica presented to my team of more than 100 and she was excellent, so much so that we have booked her again and purchased 120 brandied copies of her book.
Chief Sales and Service Officer
Fidelity Life Assurance Company Ltd.

Monica presented to my mastermind business group in the UK. What was excellent about Monica is that she has the talent to authentically connect with the participants challenging them to see another perspective. She was intriguing and they were fully involved in the session and when it finished they left with new tools and a stronger understanding of perspective.
Frank and Fearless

Monica coached our daughter to improve her communication skills. She loved engaging with Monica and found her to be encouraging with great skills to help her express herself confidently. She’s now been accepted into Harvard.
Rachael Donovan and Paul Salmon