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Key Points for Mitch Lowe

  • Mitch is the current CEO of MoviePass and is a partner at Crestlight Venture.
  • Mitch served as the president of Redbox Automated Retail.
  • Founding executive of Netflix.

Topics for Mitch Lowe

  • Facing tough leadership decisions
    • Mitch discusses the wrong ways to make a decision and which factors are actually not helpful in the decision making process. He then details how to make a well informed decision by looking holistically at the pros and cons, the processes and resources through which a decision is implemented, and the likelihood of success.
    • This, along with Mitch’s other presentations, can be tailored to the audience, whether they be marketing, sales, operations, strategic based.
  • Creating a winning culture
    • In this presentation Mitch, shows how a winning culture can be customized to align with any company’s unique philosophy to create an exceptional working environment that you and your employees will be proud of.
  • Building teamwork to achieve innovative results
    • Innovation requires unwavering commitment and support throughout the entire organization, which is often difficult to achieve for two reasons: one, the financial commitment and, two, getting everyone onboard for disruptive work. In this presentation, Mitch details the processes to get the whole team on board to work together towards innovative results.

Testimonials for Mitch Lowe

We have engaged Mitch on a number of consulting projects related to innovation and driving business growth, and he has provided incredibly valuable experiences every time.  Mitch has highly relevant insights to share on operational best practices, creating a culture for innovation, leveraging customer insights and creating value using data.  We have found him to be an incredible resource across a range of corporate functions from analytics teams to commercial teams to senior executive teams.  He is a great thought partner and pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend him for anyone look to be inspired on innovative ways to drive growth. 
Life Sciences Research

Mitch just spoke with our Tigo team and he is a business guru. Mitch provided us a guide for innovation and he is a terrific presenter.  Our audience benefited greatly from Mitch’s participation with our group. 
Tigo Costa Rica