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Key Points for Matthew Pollard

  • Praised as “the real deal” by Forbes.
  • Five multi-million dollar business success stories to his name, all before the age of thirty.
  • The only external featured speaker hired by Oracle Digital last year, who hired him for a ten keynote roadshow, he was also one of ten featured speakers for Microsoft, selected from over 600, at their Inspire Conference.
  • Matthew as one of two featured speakers at the AA-ISP Leadership Summit, which 850 sales directors attend each year.
  • Listed as a Top 50 Keynote speaker in 2019 by Top Sales World Magazine.
  • Bestselling author of The Introvert’s Edge, which BookAuthority recently named as the #2 Book Ever Written for Introverts and Top Sales World Magazine listed as the #3 Best Sales Book for 2018.

Topics for Matthew Pollard

  • Build Your Story Playbook
    What if your sales team could have an instant advantage over all your competition? What if you could quadruple appointments, shorten sales cycles, and skyrocket profits, all through the application of one powerful technique?
  • Rapid Growth, the Lazy Way
    Finally differentiate yourself and put an end to competing on price, understand why you can’t (and shouldn’t be) everything to everyone, discover your niche market of motivated, excited-to-buy customers and achieve a new outlook on sales.
  • The Introvert’s Edge
    For too long, introverts have fallen victim to the myth that because of their quiet personalities, they can’t be as successful in business as their extroverted counterparts. In this groundbreaking keynote, Matthew shares personal stories, client transformations, and insights gained through a series of interviews with millionaire introverts, to confront this stigma head-on.

Testimonials for Matthew Pollard

I discovered Matthew when planning our multi-city sales kick-off event. Matthew’s presentation and original strategies stood out to me as something that could provide us a real advantage over our competition, and that could be operationalized across our large organization.

From the day we engaged Matthew I was impressed by his energy and how much work he put into customizing his presentation, as well as understanding our marketplace and the competitive landscape. His delivery in all ten presentations was not only on point and entertaining, but the way he mixed in both his personal and his clients’ transformation stories left all attendees believing success was possible for them too.

On top of that, during each presentation, Matthew delivered an original, customized story about one of our customers, as if he’d worked for our company for years. He did an excellent job articulating the client’s struggles (from a functional and emotional perspective), the implementation, including industry acronyms, and the final outcome. It was a great example of Matthew’s ability to identify and add genuine depth to his storytelling – an incredibly valuable technique for my team to walk away with.

If you’re looking for an edge in sales, especially in highly technical sales, Matthew is the obvious choice. He will not only have a strong grasp of your industry and client needs, he will articulate the exact reasons prospects should work with you, in a value-packed story your reps can use again and again to clearly stand out from your competition.
Senior Vice President
Oracle Digital

When Matthew Pollard presented to our Make-A-Wish Board of Directors at our annual retreat it provided a great opportunity for our Board to find new ways to share our Mission through storytelling.

Our Board left our retreat feeling inspired, motivated, and confident in their ability to speak to donors and community supporters. They learned how to communicate why a Wish is so important to the children in our community who are battling a critical illness. They also learned how to communicate why granting a Wish brings value to the donor and the community and how to incorporate those stories into one seamless and engaging narrative that they could confidently share.

Even our leadership team, who were already very knowledgeable about sharing the mission of Make-A-Wish, felt they learned new and powerful ways to communicate the value of a Wish through Matthew’s storytelling process.

I was blown away to hear one board member, who was new to the concept of storytelling, share the most compelling story of the day. I can easily see him using this new skill in every element of fundraising and throughout his career.

Similarly, new members of the Board who didn’t have a story to share leading into the workshop, left feeling inspired and comfortable talking about the value of Make-A-Wish to the world. This will have a substantial impact on these board members’ ability to raise money, along with the rest of our team, as they learn our newly created stories as well.
President & CEO
Make-A-Wish Northeastern CA and Northern NV

Matthew’s message to our 850+ sales leaders hit a home run. The passion Matthew has for sales showed in each prep call, email, session planning and beyond. He thought outside the box for our group and made sure the message aligned with our theme, which was “Give Back”. Matthew invited the Make a Wish Foundation and told their story as a way of bringing the true meaning of his message home for our attendees. His willingness to understand the needs and interest of our attendees was top notch and we appreciate his work to make his time at the AA-ISP Leadership Summit as beneficial as possible for all involved. We would recommend Matthew to anyone looking for a dynamic speaker who has true passion for his topic (and we already have!!)
Founder & Chairman
AA-ISP The Global Inside Sales Association

Volney Campbell with Colliers International discusses the incredible results his company achieved through Matthew Pollard’s sales training.

Learn about the power of storytelling as a means of systemizing your sales process, eliminating hard sell tactics and awkward requests for the close. Within two months of Matthew’s training, Colliers International nearly quadrupled their appointment settings, resulting in a potential income of one million dollars. The sales team has a whole new approach to speaking with clients—one that actually works.

Colliers International

We needed an engaging, high-impact presenter for a tough CEO crowd with a packed 2-day agenda, and you absolutely delivered. You were a highlight for everyone and added a lot of value.

The net result… There was a crowd of people queued around you after you finished your presentation. They we're so captivated that they actually missed their bus and had to get an Uber to meet up with the group.

That's the ultimate example of engagement – you gave so much value that you left them wanting more… so much so.

Thanks again, you’re a delight to work with and are a genuine talent. We also all appreciated your positive attitude and focus on delivering real value to the audience.
Chapter Chief Executive Officer
Entrepreneurs' Organization

We had the pleasure of having Mathew speak and teach at two of our events in the last year. One was for Sales Leaders at our Annual Sales Managers Retreat in Park City Utah, and the other was at our Annual Epic Event in Dallas Texas where we host Hundreds of Sales Professionals for an Amazing day of learning. Mathew was a Rock Star at both. He was engaging and delivered a very impactful message filled with takeaways that everyone could start using immediately. We will surely have him again. I highly recommend!!!
Sales Solve Everything

Matthew spoke at our Marketing & Sales Summit in 2018 and was a huge hit! So much so, that we are considering him for the keynote spot again this year.

He had great energy, was very engaging and offered our attendees some tips that were immediately applicable. He was all around fantastic!
Manager of Education

Entrepreneurs’ Organization – Adelaide, Australia had the pleasure of a keynote and workshop with Matthew in February 2019. He made the power of the story real. The event was one of the highest rated events in the last 12 months. Attendees appreciated that Matthew genuinely wanted attendees to have valuable takeaways that were able to be implemented that day, and over the coming weeks.

It was easy to work with Matthew and his staff, for pre-planning, content and travel. Bonuses included a board dinner with Matthew the night prior, and white-labelled promotional videos useful for our marketing.

Thank you, Matthew for an absolutely incredible session! I was blown away not only by your engaging delivery, but by the mountain of expertise you distilled and shared with our attendees. Comments from the audience included, “Easily my favorite speaker of the conference,” “I’ve totally changed the way I view business growth,” and “I’m so excited to implement every one of these techniques.” Your presentation was a true standout, full of actionable strategies and “aha” moments. Can’t wait to have you back!
Chapter Learning Chair
Entrepreneurs Organization

We were absolutely thrilled with Matthew’s talk. Thank you Matthew. The way you delivered your experience through stories made the talk very relatable to the whole audience.

Matthew has a very warm nature and makes everyone feel like his friend. It’s refreshing to have a presenter talk with you as opposed to at you. We would highly recommend Matthew to talk at your next event.
Sales 2.0 Conference
Chapter Manager
Entrepreneurs Organization

As I have come to expect from you-- pure excellence and an event organizer’s dream!!!

The feedback we have already received from those that attended yesterday is currently around 9.4, which is the highest we've had this year for any speaker.
Chapter Learning Chair
Entrepreneurs Organization

As a content marketer at heart, I believe in the importance of the quality of your messaging. Whether that’s your ad copy or opening on a cold call, the quality of your message will make all the difference. Mathew’s speech nailed it! It was inspiring, empowering and actionable.

He made me curious so I went a bit deeper. I saw his book, the Introvert’s Edge, was a top seller so I read it. I got so much out of it from a sales perspective! I studied his structure for storytelling and felt it was attainable, even for a big company like ours, to adopt. Credit goes to our sales leader, Chris, but I’m proud to say that our division at Oracle has led the way in using Matthew’s framework for storytelling. Our customer win stories are now more than just a list of cold facts. We’re crafting rich, descriptive language that is not only enjoyable to read but also effective at educating other sales people.

I didn’t stop there. I caught him as a guest on a podcast, signed up for his newsletter and read many of his blogs. His Rapid Growth Academy seemed perfect for my wife’s leadership coaching business. We only recently signed up but I can see there’s a lot of value in following his process. In fact, we dropped our marketing agency in favor of the Rapid Growth Academy. The technology he uses, the quality of his materials and the process he takes us through is top-notch and just what we needed.

Matthew is relevant to salespeople, marketers, business developers, entrepreneurs and anyone in the business of convincing others to take action. Matthew is special. He has really thought through sales, branding, and storytelling and he has a way of communicating that is down-to-earth, inspiring and easy to act on.
Business Development

Thank you again for speaking to our Entrepreneurs’ Organization group in Bryan/College Station. I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your presentation and that your event was the highest rated event we have held to date, scoring a 9 out of 10 for content value. 

I also personally got compliments on the fact that no one ever felt you were trying to sell them, either from the stage or afterward when you joined us for networking time at the bar. It is refreshing to have a speaker that is an author that can achieve this. As a learning chair, I would also like to express my gratitude on how easy it was to work with you and your staff, everything was well planned, and I was very happy to see there were no unexpected or excessive travel charges that I sometimes get after an event is over. All in all, it was a great event, and I will suggest you to other learning chairs in our region and beyond any time I get a chance.

Chapter Learning Chair
Entrepreneurs Organization

The builder crowd is very hard to impress, but every word out of Matthew’s mouth was very valuable, applicable, and actionable. I’ve never seen a speaker have every single attendee gathered around them at the end of the session, trying to get more information. Quite impressive.
Chapter President
National Association of Home Builders

Once again, Matthew knocked his session out of the park. This is the second time I’ve hired him: the first was for a smaller meeting and this time was for our annual meeting’s convention and a breakout session. He customized his “Rapid Growth, the Lazy Way” to our industry and even adapted the vocabulary he used so it better fit our attendees’ experiences and profession. Attendees made comments on the post-conference evaluations that “Matt Pollard was right on the money,” and that his presentations were what they liked most about that day’s sessions.

Thank you again, Matt, for being so easy to work with and for doing your “homework” to make sure you met our expectations.
Assistant Executive Director
Order of the Golden Rule

I attended Matthew Pollard’s ‘Selling With Stories’ training at a sales kickoff meeting two weeks ago. It was relevant, gripping, and paradigm shifting. I have not seen another sales training hold the audience’s attention like this one and I am applying the lessons I took away from it already.
Partner Sales Manager

For topic “Build Your Story Playbook”
With our 20-year track record as a leader in Oracle sales and consulting, we’ve had our share of sales presentations and trainings. Much of the time, I see our team using these presentations as an opportunity to catch up on emails or scroll through their phones. I’ve never seen a response from our people like I did with Matt’s seminar. We weren’t just engaged - we were blown away. Matt is dynamic and highly motivational, but he’s so much more on top of that. For a group of seasoned corporate salespeople, the idea of using stories in our pitches seemed at first unusual, then intriguing - and when Matt showed us exactly how it’s done, we were floored. Matt has an incredible ability to instantly identify and synthesize exactly what we should tell our prospects, and exactly how to do it most effectively. And not only did he teach us these techniques during the presentation, he showed us how to create a workplace learning environment for continued training to keep taking the next steps. My best salesperson characterized Matt’s presentation as “profound and eye-opening,” and I wholeheartedly agree. If you are looking for a speaker who will not just “motivate” but actually transform and dramatically improve your corporate sales teams, Matt is your answer.
Managing Partner

For topic “Rapid Growth, the Lazy Way”
Our company is an Oracle Specialized Platinum Partner focusing exclusively on Oracle consulting and managed services. So we certainly thought we had a niche market and niche products, and that after 20 years of successful corporate growth, that we had our marketing and target demographics all figured out. Matt’s training led us to immediately see our business in a completely different light. His take on unified messaging and niche marketing is paradigm-shifting. He showed us that we don’t have just one niche; we have several, and showed us exactly how to approach each one in a way that makes us stand out as the only logical choice to work with. Everything Matt discussed was uniquely applicable to our business; it was evident he had done extensive research and preparation leading up to the presentation, as opposed to the recycled keynotes we’ve seen from other speakers so many times before. Matt has infused our team with energy and excitement, not just through his motivational impact but through the perspective-shifting insights he’s taught us to apply.  
Managing Partner

Matthew is an extremely talented speaker with the pace, engagement and intelligent content to keep even a room full of high-performing entrepreneurs (who frequently profess ADHD and inability to pay attention) on the edge of their seat for the entirety of his presentation.

And what struck me most was that a finely tuned and powerful presentation was only half of what he brought to the table. Matthew’s heart is 100% in the right place! How he handled everything, from the lead up to the actual event, to participating in the event and going above and beyond to engage the attendees both on and off the stage was moving to watch. He was fully present and focused on helping our attendees learn and grow, and it was not lost on me or anyone in attendance.

I can wholeheartedly recommend him! He will not disappoint.
Grow Disrupt