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Key Points for Mark Mathews

  • Mark Mathews is one of the worlds best big wave surfers. Winner of 3 Oakley Big Wave Awards.
  • He is a Red Bull Athlete.
  • Mark is a winner of the Brandon Hall Award for most Innovative Leadership Program.
  • Mark mathews is the director of Red Bull Cape Fear surfing Event.
  • He is the CMO of Mick Fanning Soft Boards.
  • Mark Mathews is the Co-Producer, Co-Director and Star of 2x AFI Award Winning documentary Fighting fear.


Topics for Mark Mathews


  • Life beyond fear
    Through his career as a professional ‘Big Wave’ surfer and Red Bull Athlete, Mark Mathews has become obsessed with the relationship between; Fear, courage, personal growth and fulfilment.
    He has deconstructed, fine-tuned, and personalised emotion and resilience techniques to successfully strengthen one’s mindset, adapt to change, and experience a Life Beyond Fear.
    • Harness resilience
      Explore the scientific benefits of vision, meaning, gratitude and the counter intuitive techniques that disrupt negative mental perceptions & increase innovation, drive & performance.
    • Adapt to stress
      There are two main components to adapting to change and the stress that comes with it. “Embrace And Upgrade” and “Rest And Recover.” Through these two components we can learn how to avoid the “crash and burn” cycle by converting fear-based habits to positive lifestyle patterns.
    • Perform when it counts
      In the ocean, Mark Mathews must always assume that conditions can–and will–unexpectedly change, violently and quickly. Mark and his team must stay hypersensitive to change, continually reassessing conditions, refocusing goals, and updating strategies. With this Agility, Mark and his team can overcome all challenges and succeed in surfing the world’s biggest waves.
  • Motivation
    You have to want it more than you fear it.
  • Leadership & High Performing teams
    You can't lead others with out being able to lead yourself first. Leading others to overcome risk, change, and uncertainty in volatile environments.
  • Change
    Discover counter intuitive techniques to disrupt negative mental perceptions to naturally, increase innovation and drive and the ability to deal with change.
  • Risk
    Learning how to easily adapt, react, and capture opportunities in high-risk situations.
    • Stress Management
      Discover counter intuitive techniques to disrupt negative mental perceptions to naturally, increase innovation and drive and focus.
    • Avoid the “crash and burn” cycle by converting fear - based habits to positive lifestyle patterns.

Testimonials for Mark Mathews

He closed our virtual sales Kick-off in such a way that our attendees were speechless. His ability to captivate, educate, inspire and own an audience is remarkable. His message is so powerful it has the capacity to change lives, both professionally and personally. I can't recall a guest speaker ever having such an impact!
VP Global Sales

I seriously can’t express how happy I am that we had Mark on site here to deliver his message to the team.

Mark Mathews is a very good storyteller. The story of his personal life and career is inspirational. He was professional, friendly and relatable.  
Crosbie Wealth

Mark Mathews' story is really inspiring.  The idea of pushing yourself through Fear and how that reflects to everyday situations (not just big wave surfing) was so well received by our delegates.
National Vet Care

People were captivated by Mark’s talk, he was genuine and authentic and his message resonated well with our managers. – I was so pleased to hear all the compliments and thank you’s from faculty and staff for having Mark close out our cross functional segment of TAP.
Leader Development & Performance
Deloitte Services LP

Mark Mathews provided an awe inspiring session for our early stage companies, drawing parallels with the challenges they face and his own experiences. In a powerful yet unassuming way, he drew us all in to his story in a really down to earth way, while conveying the high drama of a career lived out in the waves. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mark’s session Beyond Fear to any group.
Business Leader

Nothing short of outstanding. Mark Mathews’ presentation was truly awe-inspiring.
Executive Manager
Guardian Advice

I truly believe you have helped my Soldiers overcome fear and doubt on many levels. They exhibit the same attitudes you spoke of, they have found something that they want or value enough to allow them to overcome their fears.
Michael A. Tougher III
Lieutenant Colonel, Infantry Commander

We recently had Mark Mathews speak at our annual sales incentive trip. Mark was fabulous, he had everyone on the edge of their seats with his wild and inspiration tales. Mark conveys his key messages with conviction, authenticity and humour, relating and applying his experiences to the
business and corporate worlds. If you want an unforgettable speaker that radiates courage and belief, Mark is your man.
General Manager Events
NZME. Publishing Limited