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Key Points for Mark Gallagher

  • Mark Gallagher's extensive career in Formula 1 encompasses pivotal roles within teams like Jordan Grand Prix and Red Bull Racing's commercial arm, significantly shaping the sport's landscape.
  • With over two decades of experience as a captivating keynote speaker, Mark's global influence and profound industry knowledge make him a go-to voice for motorsport enthusiasts and business leaders alike.
  • Mark Gallagher is not just a motorsport expert; he's also a prolific author with four books, including the recent "The Future Business Formula," co-authored with business coach Adrian Stalham, offering valuable insights into motorsport and beyond.
  • Mark's multifaceted talent extends to being a respected columnist, feature writer, and broadcaster for leading publications, including GP Racing Magazine and Autosport, and a notable collaboration with Pixar on their CARS movies, showcasing his diverse impact on the industry.

Topics for Mark Gallagher

  • Tech/data
  • Cyber threats
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Collaboration
  • Risk
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Change/transformation

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