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Key Points for Marianna Pascal

  • Marianna Pascal is one of the 70 most-watched TEDx Speakers in history.
  • One of 14 finalists in the 2019 World Championship of Public Speaking.
  • One of the world’s top 10 Female Speakers in 2019 (voted by Toastmasters International).
  • Author of Say It Better In English and the English Fast & Easy book series, which has sold over 100,000 copies in Malaysia and Singapore alone.
  • Has helped over 100 multinationals across Asia.

Topics for Marianna Pascal

  • Show up!
    Inspires audiences to speak boldly and authentically and show up in your own life with total enthusiasm. Perfect for organisations who need their employees to get out from their silos and from behind their laptops and step up.
  • How to design your 10-million view TEDx talk
    Shows audiences how to craft a concise message that matters to the world - and keep a global audience engaged from start to end. Perfect for anyone who needs to grab and hold attention internally or globally!
  • Come to your senses!
    This humorous keynote reminds technology-overloaded audiences of their greatest tools of influence – their voice and ears! Filled with humourous stories and deep learning the audience and practices communication secrets of great influencers.
  • Confidence? Where got confidence?
    How to speak up powerfully to your boss, customers, colleagues and other stakeholders in a culturally diverse work environment.
  • 6 reasons presentations fail
    A wildly interactive session designed to help audiences craft any pitch. Filled with humour and activity.

Testimonials for Marianna Pascal

Marianna is one of my favourite speakers in the world.
Global Speaking Fellow

I was glued to my seat. Brilliant.

One of the best female speakers I have seen in Asia. Her delivery, eloquence and stagemanship is brilliant.
The Brand Theatre Worldwide

Helped the audience discover insights relevant to their business goals.
APAC Global Advisory

Rocked the house! To the point, engaging, humorous and so mesmerising.
Guinness Record
Grand Master Memory

Will go a long way in positively shaping the culture in our school.
Staff Developer
Chung Cheng School, Singapore

Marianna's training style, coupled with her constant flow of uplifting energy, is just inspirational! Also, her dedication and humour kept everyone engaged. Every participant walked out of the room feeling more confident and encouraged. I would not hesitate to engage Marianna again!
Learning and Development Executive

Marianna is the consummate professional in designing and delivering the right program for her audience. She takes great care to understand the needs, explore solutions and deliver great results, even in the face of tough personal challenges. She has a genuine commitment to help others grow in their capacity and confidence to present well. She demonstrates that through very personal and engaging post-training follow-ups with her participants. Marianna sets a high standard in her work and is always open to feedback and experimenting to set the bar even higher.
Head of Talent & Organization Development Human Resources

Marianna delivered on all our expectations, and then some! She is clearly a master of her craft, which combined with her meticulous preparation and very warm personality, ensured the trainees stayed fully focused and engaged through the workshop. The very interactive style of the workshop and the individual attention Marianna gave each of the trainees made it interesting and instructive. I was very impressed.
HR Platts McGraw Hill Financial