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Key Points for Madeleine West

  • Madeleine deferred studying Law at Melbourne University after two years when she was offered the role of Dionna Bliss in Neighbours. She rapidly became a very well known face in some 60 countries, watched by over 120 million people every day.
  • After her performing career had taken off with her leading role in Neighbours, Madeleine was tragically hit by a bus which not only almost killed her but also nearly ended her performing career, something she had worked for so hard and so long to achieve.
  • Despite personal tragedy and seemingly impossible odds, Madeleine is living proof that regardless of the obstacles you face, by setting goals and having faith in yourself, anything is possible. As Madeleine says "If you dare to dream, no matter who you are, nothing can stop you...not even a bus!"
  • Madeleine is a very passionate, funny and engaging speaker who has some very simple but powerful messages.

Topics for Madeleine West

  • Inspiration speaker
  • Overcoming tragedy 
  • Setting goals and achieving them
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Host
  • Presenter

Testimonials for Madeleine West

Fantastic presentation. Madeleine seemed to touch all the girls in one-way or another. She was open and honest with them. She incorporated both humour and sadness in recalling her childhood, whilst encouraging the girls to always strive for their goal and never let anything get in the way.
Rosebud Youth Resource Centre
The feedback that I have received from everyone who attended was sensational. This was an experiment for us and you have more then exceeded our expectations. I can't thank you enough for the wonderful energy and effort that you put into your presentation today.
Mornington Peninsula Shire
Madeleine is a talented and inspiring speaker with a great ability to capture her audience by using comedy coupled with seriousness which provided a fine balance of entertainment and motivation for our audience of staff and students. A professional in all ways, Madeleine was a pleasure to have as a guest.
Laylor Secondary College
Madeleine West was absolutely delightful to work with and a wonderful MC for the recent Hush Puppies Myer fashion parade in Melbourne. She put a lot of effort into researching the Hush Puppies brand and listening to our key objectives so that she reflected the brand perfectly on the day. Madeleine was lovely to deal with from start to finish. She was very funny and a real crowd pleaser (in front of an audience of general public), and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone as an excellent MC or guest speaker.
45 Degrees North
Madeline worked brilliantly with John Blackman and of course for our evening celebrating the arts she was a perfect choice. Her speech certainly had people in the room silent and listening, which was one of the few times in the night they were quiet. A very outstanding individual and a great inspiration.
Corporate Business Productions
Excellent. Warm, friendly, easy to approach, engaging, kept girls interested, honest, funny.

Mornington Peninsular Shire Youth Services
Madeline was delightful company and an excellent speaker who held the attention of some 300 residents for the duration of her speech. She had practical, realistic, and honest advice that really 'spoke' to our residents on a personal level. A number of residents directly expressed their pleasure and interest in hearing Madeline's story and advice, and indeed took a lot from it to impliment in their own lives.
Glenn College
LaTrobe University