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Key Points for Lucy Bloom

  • Lucy Bloom ran an advertising agency for 20 years as lead creative and Managing Director.
  • She was the founding CEO and director of a women’s health charity which funded a network of hospitals and a midwifery school in Ethiopia to the tune of $7M.
  • Lucy was the first CEO for an established children’s charity in Cambodia, rapidly transforming it from an orphanage to a community development model.
  • She is the recipient of a Kindness Award from the Wake Up Project.
  • Lucy is the author of three books in three genres.
  • She was nominated for Break Out Speaker of the Year in 2021 and Best Live Speaker in 2023.
  • Lucy Bloom is as well known for her mohawk as she is for her books, business leadership and memorable speeches. She is experienced in building and leading fast-paced intergenerational and remote micro-teams. She has launched a number of businesses including an education startup. Why does she have pink hair? Because she can.

Topics for Lucy Bloom

  • Doing business differently
    Lucy presents from the magic spot between stand-up comedian and motivational speaker. If you want your people to feel motivated, inspired and ready to conquer, this is the topic for you. From a 30+ year career as a master communicator, world changer and trailblazer, Lucy knows how to do business differently. Discover how to conquer the fears that hold you back, learn why fun should be a factor in your strategic plan, how kindness to others extends your life expectancy and why change is a superpower to seek out daily rather than avoid.
  • Futurist innovation thinking
    She’s the founder of an education start-up, led a creative agency for two decades and consulted in China-Australia innovation. If innovation fuels your engine and the future is where you’re headed, this is the conference speaker and the topic for you. Discover what’s in store as the world adapts to technologies that are radically changing the way we live, work and innovate. In this speech you’ll learn how to create and inspire innovation with the mind and tools of a futurist even within frameworks of structure and bureaucracy.
  • Leading with kindness
    As a recipient of a Kindness Award and the founding CEO of an holistic women’s health charity, Lucy is your conference speaker when you are ready to implement kindness as a proven business strategy and essential part of psych-safety. Lucy has built a career on the science of kindness. Discover how to spread kindness like wildfire in a way that feeds back into your people and your bottom line. This unforgettable speech will have your delegates implementing a daily practice in kindness which will make them happier, healthier and more productive.
  • The trust trifecta
    You can’t raise millions of dollars for international aid charities without having a innate understanding of how to develop and keep trust. In this speech, you will discover the three fundamental keys to building trust, loyalty and certainty. You will understand the neuroscience of trust and then you’ll learn authentic everyday ways to do business and engage people to maintain their trust and build loyalty. You’ll laugh hard and learn fast.
  • Interational Women's Day
    Lucy is one of the world’s most popular female speakers and International Women’s Day the perfect time of year to book her. IWD Lucy will inspire your people to commiserate, celebrate and take action for a more equitable future for women and girls. Delegates will leave with a tangible action list, a tingle from all the belly laughs and resolve to do better for women.

Testimonials for Lucy Bloom

There’s no other speaker like Lucy Bloom: fast, funny and so relatable with business experience in spades. Lucy handles virtual events with energy and fun, leaving the audience right where we want them: motivated, inspired and ready for radical change.
7 Eleven

Lucy ran the best session I have seen at a conference.
Kylie Challenge

To listen to a presenter who is so authentic and to get so many “ah ha” moments is very cool. My team were messaging me whilst Lucy was speaking. She was an absolute hit and I know many of us gained a lot from your speech.
State Manager, Commercial
Willis Towers Watson

Lucy Bloom is one of the best speakers I have ever heard. She was perfect for the
current environment.
Good Shepherd Australia

Lucy brought connection and laughter to our meeting. It felt like the lightness Lucy started us off with continued throughout the meeting.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Lucy on 2020 pre-recorded content for our members. Lucy is a screen superstar.
Heritage Officer
City of Belmont


That is the best Zoom call I have ever been on.

Not only was she extremely captivating, Lucy’s stories and diversity of experience really confirmed for me that what is happening right now is only temporary and gives us so much to look forward to.

Lucy Bloom is one of the best speakers I have ever heard. She was perfect for the current environment.
Good Shepherd Australia

That virtual presentation was just what we all needed. It was such a great lift! I have not stopped smiling.
Good Shepherd

Lucy made our people feel like they wanted to jump into action straight after her life stream, which is just what we were going for. Our audience (supermarket franchisees, mainly men) loved her personable nature and many have commented about how funny she is.
Food Stuffs New Zealand

I always love the humour and soul-catching authenticity when Lucy Perry is on stage.
Bockers and Pony

Your presentation in Fiji was fantastic. Thanks for staying around and getting involved with the team over dinner and drinks. We've not had this before and a lot of people have let me know that the opportunity to connect with you personally was the highlight of the event.
Chief General Manager
Retail Division, Allianz Australia Insurance

From the minute Lucy spoke, the whole audience was captivated. Her ability to incorporate humour and compassion into a clear business message is unlike no other! Highly recommended speaker.
National Partnership Manager

Some presentations really REACH their audience – Lucy has that preciously rare skill. I was so moved, and so inspired! Brava!
Connecting Up Conference, Gold Coast

I’m a speaker’s coach and Lucy Perry is the best speaker I have ever heard.

I have seen a lot of good speakers on the corporate speaking circuit both here and overseas. Up there with the best of them is Lucy Perry. Lucy connects with her audience from the moment she walks on stage to the moment she leaves to thunderous applause, often accompanied with tears. Lucy tells powerful stories of human tenacity and love; she inspires all with her insight into the human spirit. Lucy Perry is an A-lister who delivers impact and insight every time she speaks.

You were gutsy, inspirational and so damn funny.
Wake Up Project’s Women Leading Change, 2015

Lucy certainly has an amazing capacity for “presence” when she speaks. She is as equally captivating as she is inspirational.
Chief Executive Officer
Thomas Holt Villages

Lucy Perry delivered an incredibly inspiring, entertaining and authentic presentation at our conference series. She was professional, flexible and creative in tailoring her presentation for the audience. It was a pleasure working with Lucy.
Head of Schools and Not-for-Profit Banking
Commonwealth Bank

Lucy impressed our audiences with her fast-paced, vibrant and thoroughly entertaining presentation. She is a wonderful storyteller; she delivers her messages with candour, humour and a realness that is often missing from the corporate speaker circuit. We highly recommend Lucy to any organisation that is looking for a speaker who is smart, informed and funny. Your audience will love Lucy.
General Manager
Australian Finance Group

We booked Lucy, sight unseen, following a recommendation from a supplier that engaged Lucy previously.  We weren’t disappointed.  She had so much energy and really did lift the room.  She was a pleasure to work with.
National Mortgage Brokers