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Key Points for Lexy McDonald

  • Lexy McDonald is a young change maker with the attitude of creating the change she couldn’t see around her.
  • She was WA Young Person of the Year for Innovation 2022 (Current Holder).
  • She has helped over 100,000 people.
  • Lexy believes in using Business for good.
  • Lexy inspires people that their age doesn't determine their ability to do anything, young or old.

Topics for Lexy McDonald

  • No dream is too big
    Inspiring people to dream big and follow their heart.
  • Power of innovation
    Highlighting the power of stirring away from traditional pathways, and being able to create your own, or use innovative thinking to do so.
  • Turning a negative experience into a positive
    How Lexy created the life she wanted all based around quite a negative experience (bullying).
  • Lexy can adapt a talk to suit an event

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