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Key Points for Lachie Smart

  • Lachie Smart was the 2016 World Record  holder as the youngest pilot to fly solo around the world. A project that required over two years of extensive planning, partnership developments worth over half a million dollars, and building a social movement.
  • An in demand youth speaker, Lachie Smart has headlined national youth conferences since 2018 and is an expert in youth personal development.
  • He has presented to corporate audiences around the world, having lived in both the USA and Australia speaking on utilising intergenerational management techniques and youth development.
  • Lachie Smart oversaw the international sales management of a rapidly growing medical company through the Covid pandemic, growing the company 25% annually for multiple years utilising smart business principles and intergenerational management.
  • Lachie Smart has given over 400 media interviews globally to a total audience of over 5 million regarding the world record flight and his views on the young demographic.

Topics for Lachie Smart

  • The 5 step values based goal setting technique
    The best procedure for not only achieving what you want to achieve but making sure you have the mental tools needed to push through when times get tough.
  • Dealing with failure
    One of Lachie Smart’s greatest failures ended up saving his life. Breaking down the natural mental response, he now highlights how to use gratitude to treat and then utilise failure.
  • The power of persistence
    When everyone else gives up, that’s when we should give more. Learn the mindset tricks that carried Lachie through his most trying times.
  • Pilot prioritisation of information (The Larry Game)
    Our brains consistently are bombarded with too much information to give our attention to. Learn how pilots prioritise information and how this can work in day-to-day life.
  • Tackling tall poppy syndrome
    It is an issue in many organisations and schools across Australia, where ideas and achievements are cut down by less motivated peers. The foundation of this issue, misunderstanding, is where the solution can be found.
  • Bridging the gap between generations
    Generational diversity is important. Overcoming the challenges of intergenerational management and understanding the differences between generations is essential to all organisations.
  • Building credibility as a young person
    It starts with baby steps, but you can build credibility as a young person which allows you to take on bigger tasks with the right backing.
  • Partnerships – The power of community
    Lachie Smart forged partnerships worth over half a million dollars by 18. Since then he has applied these skills in business to values exceeding millions of dollars around the world. He shares his experience in this topic.

Testimonials for Lachie Smart

Lachie Smart's story is very inspiring and he weaves some very important lessons to learn through his message. I have heard him speak twice now and both times he held the audience's engagement throughout his speech. I highly recommend Lachlan as a guest speaker for youth. His message of the potential of youth, learning from failures, resilience and perseverance are incredibly motivational. 
Blackwater State High School

Lachie Smart’s presentation was very engaging, at times humorous, and the images of his amazing journey is something I will remember. His attitude and achievements to date show that no matter what hurdles lie ahead that the sky is the limit. Lachie is a brilliant man who has already achieved so much in life and someone who will continue to do so. I found him to be an inspiration not only to myself but to the entire audience.
Sunshine Coast Council

Just wanted to say thank you for the awesome session today. The group were in awe of your achievements and your story (discussions throughout the day referenced it). We have received so much feedback already, all of which has been resoundingly positive.
Queensland Rail

Lachie Smart was so inspirational for the students who loved his journey both in achieving his goal and the tales of his actual flight. Lachie certainly enthralled our 240 students for over an hour.
Jerrabomberra State School, Canberra

An old head on young shoulders, very professional with a gift of orating.
Municipal Works Operations Association

Riveted! That be the one term that best explains the response from the South Burnett Country Fair audience, listening to Lachie Smart present his adventures around the world. Amazed, is how to best describe the audience after his presentation. I couldn't recommend Lachie enough as a most amazing motivational speaker that will certainly inspire.
South Burnett Country Fair