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Key Points for Kristofer Rogers

  • Kristofer Rogers is a highly regarded technology founder who is recognised as a thought leader in technology innovation and regularly appears on TV & Radio.
  • His childhood experience living in Kenya and early career in social impact work has defined his focus on using technology for better social outcomes.
  • His work with several growth stage start-ups has involved leading significant digital disruption in area’s including core banking, payments, and financial services.
  • Kristofer has received several accolades, including CEO Magazine Start-Up Executive of the Year in 2019.
  • He led Zepto (formerly Split Payments) to become Australia’s Most Innovative Technology Organisation in the AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies list 2020.
  • Having raised more than US$100 million for non-profits across the globe, Kristofer was the 2014 Regional Winner for Community Impact in Southeast Asia at Talent Unleashed, an international accolade judged by Sir Richard Branson and Steve Wosniak, Co-Founder of Apple.
  • Kristofer is now Managing Director of the Eden Consultancy, providing advisory services around emerging technology trends, particularly in payments and financial services.
  • He is a current board member of aged care and disability services provider Feros Care, helping people live happier, healthier and better-connected lives.
  • He is also a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.
  • Kristofer is a strategic advisor to The Max Foundation, a Seattle based non-profit helping deliver medication, technology, and services to patients facing cancer and other critical illnesses in developing nations.
  • Fun Fact: Kristofer is also an accomplished piano player and has had chart success as a producer!

Topics for Kristofer Rogers

  • The social impact of technology & innovation
    From the printing press to the moon landing, humankind moved comparatively slowly over the past 600 years when it comes to innovation. But in the 21st Century, the accelerating growth of technology is now at break-neck speed! From computing and the Internet to artificial intelligence and metaverses, it is literally unfathomable just how much technology has changed, and how it’s impacting our lives.
    Kristofer is uniquely placed to unpack this innovation and bring to life the very real and positive impact technology has delivered, together with the very real social challenges it has created. Areas covered include:
    • The speed of innovation, a unique timeline.
    • Amazing social outcomes such as better financial inclusion (tailored to your audience).
    • The existential (no longer abstract) threat of technology to society.
    • Case studies highlighting incredible technical achievements.
    • Technology trends specific to your industry or sector.
  • The FinTech revolution
    Financial Technology – or FinTech - has literally revolutionised the way in which customers interact with their financial providers and opened up the banking sector to digital disruption. From faster and fairer loan origination to alternative financing such as Buy Now Pay Later, people are now accessing their money on new terms.
    Through first-hand experience at the heart of digital disruption, Kristofer explores the true value of a transaction in the 21st century, and redefines how businesses engage and consumers transact. Areas covered include:
    • Everything-as-a-Service – A new way of delivering products and services to market.
    • From SciFi to AltFi – The explosive growth of alternative finance.
    • Unbanked – How FinTech as improved financial literacy and inclusion.
    • Embedded Finance – Every business is now a financial services provider.
  • The sharing economy – From Industrial Revolution to Social Evolution
    “I don’t need a drill. I need a hole in the wall”…
    The sharing economy is an incredible insight in to how the way in which people work and interact as a society has changed over generations. The concept of ownership has literally been redefined through technology trends including peer-to-peer, opensource, crowdfunding, makerspaces and collaborative consumption.
    Having founded two of the region’s most successful peer-to-peer fundraising platforms, Kristofer examines how fundamental shifts in the socio-economic landscape are leading to new ways of working and interacting with our peers. Tailored to your audience, areas covered include:
    • The Gig Economy – How disruptive platforms are changing the workforce.
    • Finding the real social value in modern economics.
    • Can technology democratise your industry?

Testimonials for Kristofer Rogers

I have had the fortune to work with Kristofer starting from 2022 on a patient-led, industry-supported regional patient engagement platform, Alliance and Partnerships for Patient Innovation and Solutions, or APPIS. A reputable patient organization leader shared with me Kris’ contact info, and the moment I spoke to him, I knew he would be a great speaker/influencer. In fact, his expertise and experience on sustainable fundraising really inspired the audience, with clear takeaways and action items to follow through. I would recommend anyone who would like to learn about this topic to get in touch. By the way, his presentation slides are out of this world!”
Associate Director, Patient Engagement Country Partner for Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa

I have known Kris since 2018 when he was our speaker for Rising Sun, a Chronic Myeloid Leukemia event for Patient Advocacy Groups in Asia. Lately, we engaged him for the Alliance & Partnerships for Patient Innovation and Solutions (APPIS) virtual event in 2023. He is a subject matter expert for digital fundraising and also as an influencer as far as focused-advocacy is concerned. He uses memory-recall representation to push his message across. He is a very effective speaker in terms of explicitly interacting with his audience.
Touched By Max, Inc. (TBM) Philippines

I can’t thank you enough, not just for being a part of our Digital Safari, but for being such a perfect part of our thought leadership team. Your messaging, your tone, your delivery were all on point and very relevant and useful for our audience. Looking forward to our continued relationship!

Thank you for coming along as a speaker to Digital Safari. I must say, you were the most engaging speaker at the safari. Your lens on Tech + Social Impact + Payments brought it all together. Stay in touch, we will be looking to engage you in future gigs coming year.

Thank you for the very enlightening speech on fundraising. It blew my mind, not only because of the quality of the content, but also by your delivery. I felt that you were concerned about whether your message was getting through, rather than just getting through the session. It is not often that a speaker comes across so clearly and with such generosity.
Event Attendee