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Kirsty Milligan

Key Points

  • Kirsty is a national television and radio guest who is regularly asked to share her expert opinion on first impressions, personal branding, dressing for career advancement and even what politicians should wear to connect with and influence voters.
  • Personal Brand Expert for Sky News Business Channel’s program ‘Summer Money’ with Chloé James.
  • Corporate Image Expert on Channel 7’s Daily Edition.
  • Kirsty travelled the country with ‘Meet The Media’ as the National Media Training Facilitator, teaching entrepreneurs how to present their Personal Brand on television with impact and authenticity.
  • Kirsty works with clients at every level, from CEO’s to line staff, students and entrepreneurs. She is gifted in her ability to draw out her client’s indelible brand and create a cohesive, authentic personal image.
  • Penning her first book this year Kick-Ass Personal Branding is a practical guide to building a Personal Brand the resonates with you and your tribe. This book is for everyone from Students to CEO’s, Managers and Entrepreneurs who want to be purposeful, conscious leaders and build trust and connection in a world where face-to-face skills are being lost to screen time.


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