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Key Points
  • Kirryn Zerna is a recognised expert on building brands and reputation. She has over 15 years experience, both corporate and public sectors, helping clients stand out by creating powerful social branding.
  • Is the author of The Stand Out Effect: Standing out without selling out in the age of online influence, a guide for navigating the mystery of social media.
  • Helped over 2,000 small businesses and entrepreneurs between 2019 - 2020 through her own programs and her involvement in state and federal government funded programs Business Connect and Australian Small Business Advisory Service (ASBAS).
  • Has worked with the NSW Small Business Commissioner for businesses in disruption; with the commencement of construction of the Sydney Light Rail and the change of policy for taxi drivers when Uber entered the market.
  • Serves on two boards as a Non-executive Board Member for an Not for Profit Aged Care organisation and the National Board of Professional Speakers Australia. She is the Co-Convenor for the 2021 national convention.
  • Was the curator of Westpac’s first Reconciliation Action Plan and created an employee-first sustainability program called Our Tomorrow for 40,000 employees.
  • Become your best influencer
    When uncertainty has become certain, how do female leaders stay relevant for both their clients and their teams? One thing that leaders can control is their online presence and profile.  Imagine amplifying your online influence: how would that create a shift in the way you lead, sell and position ideas in your industry? And what is the cost of no social presence?  

    In this practical and empowering keynote presentation, audience members will discover:
    • What makes a powerful and persuasive first impression, and how do you sustain that overtime? Especially when you haven't met in person.
    • The Power of Your Network. As the extent of distance is diminished through the ease of digital channels, there’s few limits to building strong local and global networks. How do you cultivate them?
    • How to leverage the latent power of individuals within your team or organization to become authentic online brand advocates.
    • Ideal for leaders, Sales teams, HR practitioners, and communication teams, this keynote can also be delivered as an interactive half-day program.
  • Stand Out 2.0
    Stand Out Online, without Selling Out
    We’ve embarked on a new age of online influence where the ordinary can forge the path of the celebrity, and reaching a large audience is more possible than ever. So how do you seize the opportunity to amplify your brand and reputation? How do you stand out in this complex and crowded space without selling out on what makes you unique?

    Draw on the lessons from global and local brands in this fast-paced, fun and practical keynote. Where you’ll be equipped with key elements to help you stand out, with tools you can immediately apply.

    In this practical and research-rich session, audiences will: 
    • Gain insights and inspiration from brands who have achieved reputational cut-through at little or no cost.
    • The 3 elements of any remarkable brand message in the digital arena, and what to avoid.
    • A practical blueprint for boosting your online visibility using digital storytelling.

  • Stand Out Leadership Brand
    Empowering leaders to create a stand out brand to influence their team, customers and industry
    When uncertainty has become certain, how do leaders stay relevant both to their clients and their teams? One thing that leaders can control is their Profile: how they are perceived both in person and online.

    In this practical and empowering keynote presentation, audience members will discover:
    • The Context: Learn about the global and local changes and the opportunity to position yourself as an expert online in your industry.
    • The roadblocks: What are the practical and mental objections to influence? Not everyone feels comfortable in confidently communicating about themselves and their brand.
    • The Potential: How do you confidently define and design your personal brand and then leverage available tools; whilst protecting your organisation's reputation?

  • Stand Out Communication
    Connect on purpose for the workplace of the future
    The workplace of the future is increasingly mobile and virtually connected. What are the lessons from the Age of Online Influence that can transform today’s workplace in readiness for tomorrow? This presentation uncovers the global best practice of online collaboration and how teamed with brand building and digital storytelling principles can make the invisible team member, visible and drive higher staff engagement and productivity.

    In this practical and useful session the audience will learn:
    • Gain insights and inspiration from global and local brands and the emerging trends for the workplace and beyond.
    • The 3 elements of digital collaboration that will build community and readiness for the future.
    • The 3 areas many businesses waste their energy in virtual connections and how to avoid repeating the same mistake.
    • A practical blueprint for how to start the shift today.

  • Amplify Your Online Influence with Kirryn Zerna and Anneli Blundell 
    Perfect event for corporates, women's events or breakfast/lunch sessions.

    Is it time for you to be seen at work and online? Guest speaker Anneli Blundell will help you be seen at work.
    Leadership and influence expert Anneli Blundell provides a fresh perspective on communication and the language of success by exploring the key credibility killers in any communication context. It’s about how to be seen and heard as an authority when you speak.

    Guest speaker Kirryn Zerna, will help you be seen online.
    Being a powerhouse of knowledge and experience is not enough if your language patterns and non-verbal cues do not support this truth. Professional credibility and value is all too easily lost in translation.

  • Digital Storytelling
    How to capture and craft digital stories that improve employee engagement or build a business brand.

  • Personal Brand Online
    Define and design your personal brand and then learn the strategies to get known for expertise in industry, and beyond.

It was fantastic to work with such a professional speaker at our recent conference. Kirryn was part of a successful TED talk style segment in front of more than 600 brokers, who can be a hard audience. Her session generated a lot of conversation with brokers looking to do things differently and also our HO team on how we can support our brokers.
National L&D Manager
Aussie Home Loans

Your workshop has been very well received and has provided us with a framework to enable change in the way that we operate and present ourselves within the ever evolving social media space. I highly recommend Amplifying Your Online Influence by Kirryn Zerna and your book "The Stand Out Effect".
National Sales Manager
Australian Radio Network

Kirryn Zerna is one of the most insightful speakers I have seen in recent years Her knowledge of the subject matter - Social Media Strategy, commitment to her offering best practice to her students, combined with her dynamic approach was awesome. My team learnt valuable lessons. I strongly recommend Kirryn Zerna as a Social Media Expert.
National Manager
Westpac’s Davidson Institute

I have known Kirryn for several years now, both as a presenter and facilitator and is very capable with either role. Her training on social media is outstanding having used her for training not only at my centre but for National conferences and she is always very well received by all concerned.
Executive Officer
Western Sydney Business Centre & Chair Business Enterprise Centres Australia