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Key Points for Kim Seeling Smith

  • Kim Seeling Smith helps organizations build and retain a future fit workforce, addressing post-pandemic challenges and opportunities with impactful solutions.
  • Kim's expertise and innovative work have earned her recognition, including a seat at the table with Sir Richard Branson. She is named a Top 101 Global Influencer on Employee Engagement.
  • Kim's insights are frequently featured in major media outlets like Forbes, Fast Company, and CNBC Online, adding credibility to her thought leadership.
  • As a Certified Speaking Professional, Kim engages audiences with masterful storytelling, leaving them with clarity, optimism, and actionable steps to enhance their businesses.

Topics for Kim Seeling Smith

  • The 8 step roadmap to a future fit organisation
    Covid-19 will hopefully be the most significant disruption of this decade, but the futurists, demographers and economists amongst us will tell you it certainly won’t be the last.
    Business leaders are also facing accelerating technology implementation, a changing geopolitical landscape, supply chain constraints, climate change and shifting consumer demands.
    And this against a backdrop of a major skills shortage and the rise of the empowered workforce who are demanding change — and getting it.
    These disruptions are all changing the rules of work.
    This session will not only help you understand these new rules, but it will give you a strategic roadmap and several action items that will make an immediate impact on your ability to attract and retain a future fit workforce. A workforce that can not only help you survive the challenges of the new world but embrace the opportunities within it as well.
    Join us for a highly engaging, thought provoking and thoroughly entertaining trip into the future that will leave the audience with a high level strategic framework along with specific practical actions to ensure they are able to attract and retain the staff they need to not only survive but thrive in our new, quickly changing world.
    This program is perfect for: Senior leaders, Executive teams, Boards of Directors, HR Professionals whose success depends on understanding and navigating the new world of work.
    The audience will leave with research, case studies and stories to help them understand the 3 disruptions that businesses are facing in the post-pandemic world and how these are affecting the workplace and workforce. A roadmap of best practices and specific action items to help them build and retain a future fit workforce. A list of practical steps to take to help them begin their journey to become match fit for the future.
  • 9 keys to avoid the great resignation
    The Great Resignation is sweeping the globe and The Great Reshuffle is hitting Australia. Various Australian studies show that between 25 - 75% of the Australian workforce is planning to look for another role within the next 6 months.
    But why are Aussies quitting? Just like the percentages above, the reasons vary greatly depending on the study.
    Luckily, reverse engineering over 5,000 exit interviews gives us significant clues as to what workers really want and what employers need to deliver to hold onto their team through the Great Resignation and beyond.
    This model, dubbed the 9 Currencies of Choice® was originally developed in 2010 and has recently been updated for the post-pandemic workforce. It has proven to be wildly successful in increasing employee retention, motivation, productivity and profitability.
    If your success depends on your ability to inspire and retain a great team then this session is not to be missed.
    This program is perfect for anyone who manages staff who yearns for a simple, practical way to increase employee engagement, wellbeing and profitability with their team.
    The audience will leave with an understanding of how you directly impact your team’s performance and what you can do about it.
    A proven framework to help hold your staff accountable for great performance (especially with a remote workforce). A practical model, based on over 5,000 exit interviews and updated to include the latest international research on the Great Resignation. This model will help you understand (and deliver on) everything your staff needs to be happy, productive and perform at their best. We take the guesswork out of employee motivation.
  • Is drinking your own Kool-Aid poisoning your business
    Being disruptive is sexy. But let’s face it, not every leader or organization can be disruptive.
    Unfortunately every leader — and every organisation — can be disrupted.
    Most never see it coming — although they should. Disruption doesn’t happen because a better product or service comes along.
    Disruption happens because companies — or industries — drink their own Kool Aid. They lull themselves into complacency believing the stories they tell themselves about their products, customers and staff. Stories that are just plain wrong — but are so entrenched they don't challenge their validity.
    Sony never saw the rise of the iPhone — despite the fact that they had the technology long before Apple.
    Kodak wasn’t disrupted because of the rise of digital photography. They invented the first digital camera and spent millions on R & D. Kodak was disrupted because they didn’t understand changing consumer preferences in how their people want to view the photos they took — regardless of how they were taken.
    This thought provoking and extremely entertaining presentation will help you identify and examine the stories you tell yourself.
    Through this 3 step process you will be able to identify where you or your organisation is vulnerable and begin to develop an action plan to fend off your competitors where you may be the most vulnerable.
  • How to ride the waves from disruption to recovery
    The Future of Work arrived on Friday the 13th of March 2020 when COVID-19 thrust us into a reality for which few of us were prepared.
    The economic fallout associated with COVID-19 came swiftly for some organizations but will come more slowly, in successive waves for others.
    Unfortunately, some organizations and some leaders within those organizations won't survive into and through the recovery.
    However, other organizations and people leaders will not only survive — they will thrive. They will come out stronger than ever because they have successfully ridden the waves from disruption to recovery.
    It may feel like we are all figuring this new world out together, but it turns out that there are specific and predictable phases which lead from disruption to recovery.
    These phases are dynamic. One doesn't begin as another ends; instead, they come like waves, building, flowing and eventually ebbing — all the while overlapping and intersecting.
    What organizations and people leaders do in each phase — especially the Pre-recovery phase — determines how quickly — and how well — the organization recovers from an economic shock.
  • The unified theory of everything people
    COVID-19 was the first (and hopefully most significant) disruption of this decade, but it will certainly not be the last.
    To seize opportunities and overcome challenges presented by the inevitable disruptions that technology and the tension between globalisation and localisation will bring over the next few years, we must rethink how we hire and manage people, because our current practices were designed for a different age and a different workforce.
    Good enough will not be good enough in the future. We must be agile, flexible, innovative and resilient.
    The Unified Theory of Everything People is a holistic, practical model.
    It is based on two decades of extensive research and will help organizations and people leaders with practical solutions they can use immediately to build and retain the workforce they will need to survive this “Decade of Disruption.”
  • Master of Ceremonies
    Kim was born to MC. Highly engaging and energetic, naturally curious, with exceptional pattern recognition skills, she is extremely adept at creating a flow and managing the energy of the audience throughout your event — whether it lasts 4 hours or 2 days.
    Kim’s work as an MC runs the gamut. She can simply show up on the day to introduce speakers, provide the glue between sessions and manage the energy of the audience. Or she can take a much more active approach in helping you develop a theme, shape the event and strategise on speakers.

Testimonials for Kim Seeling Smith

We received all positive feedback from our delegates stating they learnt tools to take back & implement into their businesses.

The Best digital speaker session I’ve been a part of. Kim managed to get the same level of engagement as she would standing in front of us.
Chair & Leadership Mentor
TEC The Executive Connection

By far the strongest results of our entire series of business summits.
Director of Tax & Business Advisory
RSM Australia

Kim was one of only a handful of non-technical speakers we asked to move from our live to virtual Summit at the onset of COVID.
Event Content Project Manager

We could not be more delighted with the impact Kim has made with our business and with our clients.
Group Managing Director

If anyone can think of questions while listening to this, they have 2 brains working separately!
Steering Committee Member, Veterans Career Day event

I loved the stats used and how Kim tied them to the stories she told.
Keep up the amazing work. I look forward to many more presentations to come.
Without a doubt, the best hour I've spent since the pandemic started.
Packed with so much information but Kim delivered it in a really engaging way.
Fabulous! I'm usually one to be multitasking in the background however I was hooked.
Slides with a little bubble of Kim presenting is the best idea I've seen yet.
Never a dull moment with Kim Seeling Smith.
Program Participants testimonials