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Key Points for Kerri Pottharst OAM

  • Gold medallist, Kerri Pottharst OAM is without question, one of Australia's most popular female sporting personalities, representing Australia for 20 years.
  • Kerri overcame a career-threatening knee injury to win Olympic medals and consistently rank in the top 10 internationally.
  • Kerri is currently competition commentator for Beach and Indoor Volleyball, both onsite, internationally, and offsite.
  • She is the current brand ambassador for FIFA Women’s World Cup Beyond Greatness Champion, RipSkirt Hawaii, Hear Now: Men's hearing health, The Pilates Shop.
  • Kerri is always reaching new heights and looking for the next challenge, and as a result she signed up for Channel 7’s SAS Australia.


Topics for Kerri Pottharst OAM

  • Gold medal excellence – The mindset of a champion
    Kerri’s premier keynote in which she decodes Human High Performance. Kerri shares her incredible journey and the exact strategies and secrets used for success. She aligns these tools perfectly to her audience… to their personal and professional lives.
  • Don’t just think it, ink it!
    A practical workshop for goal setting (whether personal or business) designed to meet your current needs. The workshop is also filled with Kerri’s personal stories and success strategies.
  • Fit for business – Corporate athlete training
    A practical and eye opening workshop designed to take your staff’s health and wellness to the next level. Kerri covers Nutrition, Hydration, Movement, Recovery and Mindset in an easy to digest and fun atmosphere.
  • The walk of courage
    Palms start sweating and hearts start racing as Kerri encourages participants to step out of their comfort zone and challenge their beliefs by walking across broken glass. Most people are completely unaware that they possess the courage to do the things they never
    thought possible. Most people play it safe. They are afraid of venturing into the unknown. The Walk of Courage will challenge their current beliefs, it will make them face their fears and it will be something they’ll remember for a very long time!
  • Team building events
    Give your team a day they’ll talk about for years – a truly unique Aussie experience! Beach volleyball is an increasingly popular sport, attracting people of all ages and abilities and is considered to be one of the safest of all team sports. Tailored to your specific needs, a typical event looks something like this:
    • Meet Kerri and her crew on the beach.
    • Watch a thrilling demonstration of beach volleyball played at the highest level.
    • Learn the basic volleyball skills for yourself in a fun-filled clinic.
    • Finish with a competition, including finals and award presentation.
  • The art of human high performance
    The art of human high performance is a program that goes beyond traditional coaching techniques and taps into the full range of human skills that we need to overcome fear, adapt to change and create the life we want. As a 3 x Olympian and Gold Medallist in her sport,
    Kerri Pottharst provides a well-tested roadmap for navigating the bumpy road from setting the goal to winning the gold. This program offers an inclusive and intentional approach to human performance, with guidance around building mental and emotional stamina and the importance of resetting when things don’t go to plan or when an area of your life has run its course. Kerri’s coaching clients will walk away understanding the power they have to create a winning life and what it will take to get them there. They will have new tools to set targets, improve self-motivation and to reframe challenges when they arise.
  • The athlete story
    Yes, you have a story to tell....and yes, people want to hear it! You’ve lived it... but I’ll help you unpack, shape and share your experiences with the realness and passion that your stories were made. Whether you’re a current athlete seeking peak performance or you’ve soared to victory learning invaluable lessons along the way; Kerri knows you have a story to tell... and she knows people want to hear it! Why? Because Kerri's been doing it for over 20 years and has seen first hand the impact our stories have on others. Stories inspire, lead change and encourage people to reach beyond their capabilities. Most people believe that if you can do it, they can to. Kerri is here to help you tell those stories. Be the ripple and learn with her, how to create a compelling tale that people will talk about long after you’ve left the room. Think of Kerri as your storytelling PT!
  • The business of being an athlete
    Talent, dedication and determination will only take you so far. If you want to be a champion, you also need to have the right mindset, the right tools and the right strategies for success so that you can turn your sport into a career and focus on it 100%. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve already won accolades and you don’t quite know how to take it to the next level, Gold Medal Olympian Kerri Pottharst will teach you practical techniques and concepts to help you improve your performance and achieve great success, both on and off the field. The workshop is ideal for Athletes and Coaches. It is filled with a unique blend of easy-to-follow steps, proven strategies and Kerri’s trademark down-to-earth wisdom. You will leave feeling inspired, empowered and ready to take on the next step towards your own successful career. Kerri draws from more than twenty-five years’ experience and reveals how the right attitude, the right tools, and the right approach took her from being a part-time athlete to becoming a multi-award winning champion, a hot property for sponsorship, and a successful entrepreneur. This highly personal insight into the mindset of a champion is based on Kerri’s book, The Business of Being an Athlete.
  • Master of ceremonies
    Kerri Pottharst... prepared, professional and flexible. Funny or formal. Kerri easily adapts her style. Brighten up your conference, lunch or dinner with one of Australia’s most popular speakers. See her medals, laugh about her Olympic antics and find out how she turned her Bronze into Gold. Kerri’s quick sense of humour and bright personality will have your guests asking for more!

Testimonials for Kerri Pottharst OAM

I booked Kerri to speak at an event we held at the Sydney Opera House. She definitely stands out as one of the best speakers I’ve booked in the last 15 years. Kerri has such a great natural energy; her presentation style is flawless, and she is completely engaging. She tells her inspiring story with such passion and enthusiasm and conveys her message of strength and perseverance in such a way that you naturally apply it to your own life. It was by far the most interactive Q&A session we’ve ever had. Our delegates were very keen to chat to her more and ask her questions. We had fantastic feedback from them all and Kerri was clearly the highlight speaker of the event.
National Events & Training Manager
PRD Real Estate

Kerri Pottharst was a great energy and her storytelling was very engaging, professional and entertaining. I love the slides she had to emphasise the goal setting strategy and it was fantastic that she shared those with us to share with the attendees. I would highly recommend Kerri as a motivational speaker.   

Kerri Pottharst came and spoke at our APAC AGM Conference and we all had such a great time! Our audience only had a handful of Australians and the rest were from various Asia Pacific countries and therefore did not know who Kerri was, but that did not matter. Kerri told us her story like it was the first time she had ever told it! Kerri’s enthusiasm, kindness and overall encouraging demeanour will have you hooked. We were all inspired by Kerri’s message of not letting fear hold you back and the tools that she shared to help achieve your goals were invaluable.  I don’t want to give too much away, however when the audience participated in the various activities, I could see that it helped bring the audience together for the rest of the two day conference. I think that the only person in the room that may not have been a total fan was poor Craig who had to present his topic straight after Kerri!!  Keep this tip in mind if you are organising Kerri for your conference 😊
Professional Background Screening Association
APAC Council

Woohoo! You did such an incredible job MC'ing, you are warm and hilarious Kerri!

Fabulous job on MC'ing the event - very much enjoyed your positive energy.

Kerri Pottharst was fantastic as the speaker at our end of year charity Christmas function. She is engaging, professional, confident and a has a great story to share. It was fascinating to hear about the preparations in the lead up to their success at the Olympics and their battles and struggles along the way. She kept our guests thoroughly entertained and was happy to answer questions and interact with the crowd. Truly inspirational - thank you Kerri!
MonSTaR Foundation

A massive highlight & a great start to 2020! Big thanks Kerri!!!

Highly recommend! The team at Lumenis Australia were inspired, entertained & have pulled some great learnings to enter 2020! Thanks Kerri
Andy Mckie

This is just a quick note to thank you so much for the awesome job you did speaking for IBM last week. They have been absolutely glowing in their feedback.  You nailed it, and they are now applying the learnings and referring to your talk during staff meetings!
Keynote Entertainment

I suspect you would have received lots of positive feedback from the room, but your high energy was infectious! Thanks so much for sharing your champion mindset with us.
Brad Teal Real Estate

Jacqui and Kerri were the best. The feedback was 100% positive across the board. So chuffed with the whole event. Would highly recommend them both. They are the best we’ve had. Thank you
Brad Teal Real Estate

We were all 110% inspired!  Kerri Pottharst had the entire audience captivated and we could not stop talking about her brilliant (and interactive) talk for the rest of the conference! Thank you so much Kerri, was an absolute joy to meet you.
Professional Background Screen Association (PBSA)

I just wanted to send a huge thank you for presenting at our Inner Circle retreat! … Our members loved hearing from you and have already told me how much of an impact your presentation had on their lives and outlook on their studios. We truly appreciate your contributions to the success of our event and hope you can speak at another one of our retreats in the future.
Dance Studios Owners Association

It was SO great to meet you in person and connecting Thursday night….  I really enjoyed your story!! I have already raved to so many people about you since Thurs. Do give me a quick call/text when you ae next in our venues, but in the meantime I will be spreading the word for sure about your motivational topic – I genuinely loved it!!!
Doltone House

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for coming along on Wednesday for our Grand Opening. Everyone I have spoken with has very excited that you were there but more importantly thrilled with your presentation and took a lot away from it.
Office Brands

Kerri Pottharst was one of the best speakers I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with and listening to. Our event was first thing in the morning, and Kerri arrived prepared and enthusiastic. Her story really resonated with the theme of our event (balance and challenging the status quo), and we received fantastic feedback from all attendees (our employees). As well as sharing her incredible story, Kerry also brought along her Olympic medals and happily handed them out to the audience – what a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear from an Olympic medallist and actually see and touch the medals as well! Kerri was not only an impressive speaker, she was inspiring, kind, fun, engaging, professional and the same person off stage as on stage. She was more than happy to stay after the event and take photos and chat to our employees. Our organisation would love to get Kerri back to speak again, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an inspirational and motivational guest speaker.

My CEO emailed me and said your presentation was fabulous. Thank you so much! We look forward to working with you again soon!
BSB Marketing Leaders

Over the last 12 months I have had the pleasure of working with one of the smartest groups of people I have encountered in my 19 years teaching MINDsense; The Data Analytics team at CBA. They embody everything about High Performance Behaviour and it is no wonder that they have the global reputation that they do. When it came to our final session and the chance to put in front of them someone who was the best in the world at what they do I chose Kerri Pottharst. Kerri understands what it takes to be world class and the process it takes to execute and deliver on a dream. Only a few win Olympic Gold Medals and even fewer can articulate the process that produces such a world class result! Thanks Kerri for your generosity and insights!

Our social media has been buzzing and we also received a lot of positive feedback throughout the Summit and especially on the evening of the Gala Dinner. Given the long queue of delegates waiting to speak and be photographed with you, we are sure you also received plenty of positive feedback directly too!
Golden Key

Just touching base to say a big thank you post our International Women’s Day event. It was an incredible experience hearing your story and we had fantastic feedback from all who attended.

I had the pleasure of having Kerri Pottharst speak at a management team event last year and she was fantastic ! My volleyball mad son Angus Henricks came along too and was inspired by her dedication. He still has her book on his table ! Great stuff
Scott Henricks

We had Kerri Pottharst come along to a swim squad development camp for State and National age swimmers within South East Sydney. Kerri was the perfect choice for our event. Her talk was very inspirational and motivating. Every swimmer and coach in the room were glued to every word that was being said. Kerri definitely had an impact on all of the swimmers who attended. After the presentation, Kerri stayed back with the older swimmers and lead a workshop directing the swimmers on how to design and implement a success plan. Kerri was by far the best guest presenter that we have ever had at an event like this. A huge thank you to Kerri for her time.
Swimming MSE

On behalf of Myself, Richard and James I wanted to thank you for coming to spend time with the team, sharing your journey and your infectious “can do” attitude. We got the chance to live an Olympian’s dream that morning and learn useful skills to become corporate athletes of our own. We had great feedback from the Team on the goal setting and I believe you are already getting contact requests on social media from some of the team. 
Corporate Athlete/Goal Setting workshop

Kerri Pottharst is an excellent speaker and a very sincere and impressive presenter. The whole team found her very motivational and I believe we all walked away reflecting on how we can take these learnings away with us to help to improve our own lives – both personally and professionally. The glass walk was amazing – so glad I did it. I think about 80% of our team did it! Very inspirational.
Cynosure Australia

I see a lot of motivational speakers in my role in HR and Kerri and you have been without question one of the most inspiring, memorable and authentic speakers I have come across.  I loved what you said and how you said it and I was thinking to myself I want a Kerri Pottharst in my life.  Thank you for joining us and inspiring us to be our very best.
Head of HR
Richard Stokes Constructions

Magnificent Presentation last week in Bangkok. I would have to say the best presentation I have seen in a decade of attending these conferences.
Managing Director
Media Travel

Thanks so much for presenting at our conference yesterday. Your talk stood out to me for your ability to impart through your life experience and success a story that was very relevant to our business, but just as importantly to ourselves as individuals.  I know I share this feeling with my colleagues who came away with a relevant, inspired, thought-provoking and actionable path towards business and personal success.  
What set you apart as a speaker from the many we've had present to us in our professional lives was your manner of delivery. Your focus and energy, planning methods, personable and inclusive nature allowed your message to be delivered, understood and enjoyed.  
As well, your speaking confidence and belief and faith in the relevance of your message negated any need for clunky segues to attempt to relate to our particular brand, role or business. That you were relaying universal truths backed up by personal success resonated with us all. We were all fully engaged, positively challenged, and inspired into participation and action. I find myself now sitting on a plane goal setting and questioning previous perceptions of obstacles and priorities (yes I'm inking it !).

I think you definitely changed some lives and inspired on Friday night! It was a privilege having you speak to the group!
Fairmont Resort

Kerri Pottharst was an amazing speaker who just lifted spirits in the room. I think she’s definitely one of the best speakers we’ve had and would highly recommend her for all events. Her speech was fantastic and so inspirational everyone including the men could relate to it.

I want to personally thank you for your inspirational message on Wednesday.  I have received wonderful feedback on your presentation - your warmth, humour and charm won everyone over and all had a great time and something to reflect on as well.
Sugar Australia

Had the absolute privilege to not only meet but talk in depth to the wonderful Kerri Pottharst today. Such a life changing experience! Definitely a light bulb moment in terms of moving forward with determination and 100% motivation. She also let me play with her Bronze and Gold Olympic medals. What a champion!!

All our staff really enjoyed her presentation.
Entertainment Publications

Kerri Pottharst absolutely hit the mark. She was entertaining, personable and relatable, inspiring our sales team to take responsibility to put their own goals in action. She addressed mindset but also shared some useful tools and tips. I have no hesitation in recommending Kerri for any corporate event.
AstraZeneca Pty. Ltd

We have used Kerri Pottharst on a number of occasions and have always found her to be engaging, entertaining and most importantly relevant. She brings a unique relaxed style, while at the same time providing practical tips and tools to deliver exceptional performance in the workplace as well as one’s personal life. Many elite athletes have difficulty connecting with the challenges of the business world. This is certainly NOT the case with Kerri. I highly recommend her to any corporate environment.

Kerri Pottharst was a consummate professional. She came prepared, was generous with her accessibility, even brought her gold and bronze Olympic medals and handed them to all to hold, touch and feel. She thrilled the audience with her glass walk, and held us captive in her hand as she told us her story of overcoming the odds to win the gold medal, and how the lessons she has learnt can be used by all of us to achieve our goals. I listened to our local member for parliament sing her praises on local radio this morning after our business awards function. He said it simply – Kerri inspired us all and made us all feel we can be champions.
Eden Chamber of Commerce

Not only is Kerri Pottharst a passionate and exceptional sportswoman, her power to motivate and challenge the everyday person through her speaking engagements is outstanding. Her style and approachability is fabulous and for those that accepted the challenge of walking on glass - they have a memory to last forever.

Your session on Tuesday was fabulous. You have an incredible journey to share, and your warmth and humour shone throw. I really enjoyed the opportunity to walk on the glass.
Sugar Australia

What can I say? Over a 20 year corporate career and the innumerable conferences/dinners/events that has involved, I have observed, and occasionally endured (!) many MCs/motivational speakers... You, for us today, were the absolute tops in my experience! Kerri, you were just fantastic. Your energy, passion and presence combined with your very confident style and ability to relate to an audience (& ours is not always an easy one!) and to get them engaged both through those skills and what you spoke about was simply outstanding, and on behalf of all of us at Womensport NSW, a HUGE thank you!
Womensport and Recreation NSW

Kerri Pottharst’s presentation was sensational and the combination of her talk with the glass walking worked perfectly. Kerri delivered an outstanding address as part of Westpac boardroom dinner, keeping her audience enthralled in her sporting experiences both on and off the field. Kerri is easy to listen too, delivering her messages in an down to earth, intimate and candid way.
Westpac Banking Corporation

Kerri Pottharst's presentation 'package' was very well received by our audience - the combination of video, talk with underpinning theme of goal setting, self belief and personal responsibility in the context of Kerri's drive for 'gold medal excellence', and the willingness to share her Olympic medals with the audience, was perfectly pitched to our audience. …Bringing the postcards for autographing went down very well, as of course did Kerri's ease in interacting with all and sundry…. In short Kerri was professional and charming, resulting in some very happy punters.
Ernst & Young

Kerri, thank you for giving us your time and your energy. I know I'm not alone in finding inspiration in your words. I do believe that the reason we all related to you and admire you is that you are so "real". We know that the things you're challenging us to do, you have done yourself, through sheer hard work and determination. The message is clear ... anything can be achieved with a vision, a plan and will-power.

Kerri Pottharst was great - the audience loved her presentation and her plan for gold - fitted well with our theme of the day