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Key Points for Kellie Tomney

  • Pioneering the role of Human Futurist, Kellie Tomney champions confidence as the key to navigating uncertainty and complexity in today's world.
  • Specializing in bridging the gap between humanity and technology, she illuminates new pathways for higher performance and growth through Whole Intelligence.
  • With a diverse background spanning multiple industries and global exposure, Kellie tailors each presentation to foster personal connections and relatability, resonating deeply with audiences worldwide.
  • Beyond her dynamic speaking engagements, Kellie's insights continue to drive growth and performance long after she steps off the stage, making her an invaluable asset in today's ever-changing landscape.

Topics for Kellie Tomney

  • Cracking the confidence code
    In the new world, confidence is the accelerator for sustained growth
    We are amongst a confidence crisis. Global confidence, business confidence, leadership, employee and self confidence have plummeted. The World of Work has changed forever. Employees are fearing they will become obsolete and organisations
    worldwide are grappling with low growth, low engagement and low productivity. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is seen as a threat to people’s jobs and it’s challenging people’s confidence in their work, in what to
    purchase and which brands, leaders and organisations to trust. This new world requires us to work in ways we haven’t ever worked before. It requires us to step into the unknown, uncertain, unpredictable through stress and anxiety to be future-ready. We need confidence to create, innovate and to perform at our best like never before.
    Kellie equips your attendees versus overloading them. She delivers a customised blueprint for how any organisation can
    accelerate growth.
    Your audience will learn:
    • The 1 thing everyone wants to know.
    • The 7 most common myths of confidence.
    • How to unlock 50-95% more confidence in your existing people to increase innovation, engagement, performance and new
    • Their confidence code level.
    • The 3 cornerstones to cracking the confidence code in the new world.
    • How to increase your confidence code setpoint™.
  • Future ready your workforce
    How can you ensure your workforce is ready for what's next?
    Work and life pressures are high. Mental and physical health issues, anxiety about AI and the future, and stress are
    In this compelling keynote, Kellie will inspire attendees about the future and help them embrace the challenges and get excited about the future opportunities. She cuts through the overwhelm and noise to focus on what really matters.
    Organisations are needing new solutions to power their people for sustained performance in this next frontier.
    Your audience will learn:
    • The global trends influencing us and our choices.
    • Why futureproofing you benefits us all in this new world.
    • How to take the anxiety and stress out of ‘what’s next’ to fuel positive personal professional and organisational growth.
      The opportunities to seize in the future of work.
    • The 3 futureproofing keys to success that unlock personalised unique value and fulfilment in this increasingly artificial new world.
  • Spread the load - Everyone can lead
    World class organisations futureproof growth by leveraging everyone's leadership potential
    Leadership has become overwhelming and exhausting. The ‘load’ on existing leaders is not sustainable. The global, local and organisational challenges just keep coming, making it harder to generate new and sustained business growth.
    Kellie explores how every level of organisation can be excited and inspired to lead and accelerate growth. In this presentation Kellie will outline how to grow your business sustainably in this new, unpredictable, unknown, uncertain
    world whilst spreading the ‘leadership load’.
    Your audience will learn:
    • How to unlock, create and engage leaders in all levels of the organisation for superpowered growth.
    • Why leadership in world class organisations is up to everyone.
    • How to inspire innovation to accelerate super-high sustained performance.
    • The secrets to building bridges across silos in an organisation.
    • The 3 proven strategies that any leader can implement immediately for growth.
    • How to lead with confidence through constant change.
      In this keynote Kellie outlines a customised blueprint for how anyone can be a more confident, balanced and future-ready
      leader, super powering sustained organisational performance.
  • Futureproofing career fulfillment in the new world of work
    How you can create cures to 'where is my next promotion' dissatisfaction and lift engagement for higher performance
    We are in a new world of work. Employees views on work and life have shifted, and have changed careers forever. Along with multi-level disruptions, continual uncertainty, AI and increasing complexity, we are required to think differently when it comes to career planning and performance.
    Now is the time to transform the frustration to futureproofing. Employees worldwide have reported lower engagement because they can’t see a career path with their organisation and career conversations are awkward and ‘old world’.
    Kellie illuminates new ways forward (career progression isn’t always about promotion!) for how any person can love their work and how organisations can create excitement and enjoy engagement at higher levels than ever before.
    Your audience will learn:
    • The new rules of careers and how to maximise career fulfillment at any stage.
    • The 5 trends you need to know in the new world of work.
    • Understanding the future of work and careers.
    • The truth bombs that your future self and organisation will thank you for.
    • The 3 keys to unlocking amplified positive impact and performance in your career and organisation.

Testimonials for Kellie Tomney

Kellie is such an authentic keynote speaker, and incredibly generous with her journey and insights. A really thought provoking session with real take-aways for our Executive, Leadership & general audience!
General Manager, Conferences & Large Scale Events
IQPC, Australasian Shared Services & Outsourcing Network Australasia

Your grab starts at the beginning. You command the stage by your presence & the way you carry yourself. That’s the grab. You are just so energetic on the stage & are a wonderful speaker. I refer to your Keynote as a “toolbox” session - you give us takeaways, provoke our reflection & trigger a different way of thinking. I’ve seen the value from you & I’ve booked your speaking multiple times - you command it with your presence, energy & takeaways. I have every confidence you are going to be fabulous & resonate with the next audience as much as you have done for us.
Australasian Policing & Law Enforcement Agencies

Kellie Tomney has been speaking for us since 2017 for various audiences in ASX Listed Companies Leadership Summits, APAC Leadership Summits, National Leadership & Management Summits, Women in Finance & Accounting Leadership, Retail & FMCG Leadership, Transport & Infrastructure Leadership, Public Sector Government Leadership etc. Over the years it’s been in person Keynotes, Expert Commentary Sessions & virtual Keynotes, Masterclasses & Workshops, she is an awesome presenter! We always get amazing feedback from her sessions & is one of the first speakers that come to mind for who to book.
Liquid Learning, Global Conferences
Training & Professional Development

After many months of remote working, we needed help to energise and motivate our people (particularly women) to think differently about their career progression. When organising a virtual event on behalf of the Barangaroo Women’s Network, I immediately knew that Kellie Tomney would be a perfect fit. Our people were craving this motivation, with tickets for the event selling out within the day at some of our member organisations (including KPMG, Lendlease, Baker McKenzie, Westpac, HSBC, Origin Energy, Accenture). During Kellie’s Power Hour session, she delivered practical and powerful career advice which left our attendees wanting more. A number of organisations and many individuals have gone on to engage Kellie for follow on sessions. Through her engaging delivery, Kellie really helped inspire, engage and retain our people in very tough times.
Partner, Restructuring

By unlocking her three keys and her evolving cycle of impact, you can realise your true potential, and make for a better world. There can be more no more noble purpose.
Woolworths Group & Origin Energy
Non-Executive Director
World Education Australia

You were fantastic Kellie. Loved how you tailored your Keynote – it felt so personal & to the audience. Really great content! Attendees were pinging me throughout saying ‘she’s speaking to me!

“Futureproofing is 100% needed”
“It has been an invaluable Program & an amazing experience overall”
“100% of attendees said it “Increased their positive impact” & “Helped drive our commercial results. 100% satisfaction!”
“It is comforting & inspiring that the company wants to invest in me”
“It’s for wherever you are on your leadership journey – it’s not just about the next promotion, it’s growing wherever you are on your leadership journey – and we should all be doing leadership”
“It is applicable to all, even through various stages of their career & leadership”
“There has been a 50% increase in potential being activated in high performers & high potential leaders & talent”
“Encourages pursuing excellence & collaboration across the business”
Top Australasian Technology Company Leaders

Kellie is a wealth of knowledge, an overflowing cup of compassion & a powerful True Believer with loads of belief, conviction & commitment when it comes to helping people, leaders & organisations not only navigate & maximise what’s next but actually FUTUREPROOF. She’s the real deal!
Speaker, Author, Advisor & Thought Leader

Your keynote was so uplifting. The things that knock us down are not the end of us. You can transform. You (show us) we can constantly strive to be best we can be
NSW Government

The best I’ve ever experienced.
General Manager
Technology Client

You covered a lot of content, concepts & tools but was delivered in a calm, appropriate pace - allowing for self reflection & identification of concrete strategies for short, medium & long term implementation. Thank you!
NSW Health

I loved how the content we covered was applicable to our daily roles as leaders - despite the diverse backgrounds/professions in the room. As we finished with an action plan, I feel I am now able to come away with a clear actionable next steps
Product Manager

"That was EPIC”, “that gives me a practical path”, “how the hell did you even get that resilience?”, “They loved it!”
K2 Elite Business Owners and Entrepreneurs