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Key Points for Kathy Kelly

  • A State finalist in the 2016 NSW Women of the Year Awards
  • Has presented: Macquarie Bank, Minter Ellison, The King’s School Women’s dinner, Gala dinner (NSW Premier, Police Commissioner, Attorney General, Lord Mayor, VC of top Sydney Universities, etc.).
  • A powerful presenter – frequently appearing on all television news channels.
  • Has appeared on 60 Minutes (x5), ABC 7.30 Report, Sunrise, The Today Show, 2GB, 2UE, along with other numerous radio and print media interviews.
  • Beauty in the Brave - TEDxMacQuarieUniversity

Topics for Kathy Kelly

  • The Kelly's Story
    Our first instinct is to switch off to stories of unimaginable tragedy, particularly when you’re a parent. It’s much easier to pretend that nothing bad will ever happen. But it does. And it happened to Kathy Kelly, twice.
    The Kelly’s story isn’t just about loss and immense grief. It’s about resilience and courage and the determination to stand up and change a broken system.
  • How to start a community movement for change
    • Connecting like-minded people who believe in a cause so that they will support you in your cause.
    • Learn about petitions, government through to the media.
    • Where does the power to make positive influence begin and end.
  • Working with government, community and corporate to share the same belief and outcomes
    • The resilience and strength to believe in yourself. Never be afraid to ask. Leaders are people too. The answer is in you.
  • The power of purpose
    • There will be believers, disbelievers, haters and trolls. Never look down or back. We're only human, failure isn't an option, taking advice, being fluid, able to change direction, following your heart through thick and thin.
  • Insights into communication and influence
    • Working to retain key supporters, followers and influencers through positive choices. Time is now, tomorrow is too late.
  • Gain insights into harnessing grief as a gift to the world
    • Several charities form as a result of a tragic incident. They fill a void not being met by government. They can also make a difference. Many fail, only the few will succeed.
    • Why your support is so vital.
  • Develop the skills for a resilient mindset
    • Bullies, doubters, dream takers will balance those of your supporters. How not to be affected by negative impacts to not lose sight of the end game.
  • Understand the healing power of purpose
    • How to turn a life-changing incident into positive energy.
  • The art of harnessing collaborative intelligence
    • Working across government, community and large organisations for a common goal. The answers lie within.

Testimonials for Kathy Kelly

Kathy speaks from the heart with her powerful message.  She shows strength and determination throughout her articulate presentation but the raw emotion is controlled and lingering just below the surface. Her story captures the hearts of those who are fortunate to hear her speak.  Kathy's fight for justice and her connection with the Australian public to create a movement for change is something we should all embrace for a safer and more vibrant Australia.
Director Emergency Medicine
St. Vincent's Hospital

Senior Australian of the Year 2016

I have seen Kathy present both at a Board level and in large public forums and she is an amazing presenter. She has the right mix of professionalism and emotion, which comes from being a deeply caring person of substance. Many of us are challenged in life, but few put to the tests Kathy has endured in the last few years. She has emerged as an incredible person and loving parent, with a message all should hear. She has gained respect from all levels of the Australian community, and her push for change, to honour the memory of her son, is articulated beautifully. Kathy Kelly is an asset to Australia and the Sons and Daughters of our community. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Executive Director
Macquarie Bank

One emerges from Kathy's presentation with a realisation that we can all contribute to improving our culture and making a real difference. It also gives you a new appreciation for resilience, for family and the power of determination.
Minter Ellison