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Key Points for Karen Matthews

  • Karen Matthews has over 25 years experience in leading turnaround, change and growth across Retail, Wholesale and Franchising and summarises her career.
  • Is recognised in the market as a confident and innovative leader with strong operational and strategic experience.
  • Has won a number of awards over her career including 2004 Telstra NSW Business Woman of Year, 2005 PWC NSW Franchise Woman Year and 2007 PWC National Franchise Woman of Year.
  • Launched, Karen Matthews - Inspiring Change in 2016 teaching and supporting other businesses.

Topics for Karen Matthews

  • Kickstart
    Top line exploratory audit & recommended way forward
    Your business is flat. You know something needs to change but either can’t put your finger on what needs to happen first, are so caught up in the day to day management that you don’t have the time or headspace to think about it, or simply need help with the best way to approach your business transformation.

  • KM transformation
    Demystifying the road to change
    You can no longer tolerate the performance of your business and have decided to move forward with the necessary holistic changes to set it up for long term growth. You are excited and committed to moving forward and would like the comfort of experience and proven expertise to do this thoroughly and as soon as possible.

  • Mentoring and advisory
    One-on-one mentoring and small group advisory
    Change can be daunting and often lonely. As a leader driving change, the experience and wisdom of someone who has been in your shoes, is invaluable. Whether it is guidance, support, encouragement or a sounding board, one-on-one mentoring for you or any of your team Is a powerful little extra to keep you moving forward. Alternatively, executive advisory or small group support might be a great option for your leadership team or any other team within the business as they navigate change.

  • Masterclass
    Collaborate. Connect. Share. Learn.
    The reality is, most businesses and leaders experience very similar issues as they try to navigate change and growth, whilst managing the day to day churn. Why not be a part of one of our masterclass groups – an open and confidential space for sharing issues, bouncing ideas and learning from others?

    A small group of individuals from non-competing businesses meet once a week for 6 weeks and experience not just the benefit of learning from others, but a change of environment and space to reflect. It is also extremely helpful and a great comfort to know that we are all in this together – tackling issues, solving problems, managing our staff and adapting and changing our businesses to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world.

Testimonials for Karen Matthews

"Karen is an inspirational speaker who is straight talking & insightful. She clearly expressed her ideas. I wish there were more people like her in corporations & workplaces today”
“Wonderful speaker. Really motivating. Karen restored my faith in the possibilities & opportunities in my world to achieve great things. I can change the world”
“Karen’s presentation was very engaging & thought provoking. She gave great analogies - a wonderful story teller herself”
“Karen had a really interesting story to tell full of insights & great learnings. She was engaging, entertaining & very impressive”
“Karen was brilliant - very inspirational, down to earth & engaging”
“Karen’s presentation was fantastic (this is the 2nd time I have heard her speak). She is honest, inspiring & motivating - could listen to her stories & experiences all day”
“Karen was amazing - short, sharp & simple story telling. She was dynamic, engaging, effective & very memorable”
Steps Leadership Insight Series

Karen Matthews is an incredibly enthusiastic, warm, and energetic speaker. She really impressed with her experience and ability to command the audience. We were especially appreciative of her engagement with our audience prior to the event, it really encouraged them up to engage with us during and after the session. Karen also made the process leading up to our event seamless through easy communication and ensuring our intentions and goals for this event were echoed in her talk. She was a great choice to kick off our Speaker Series.
Chadstone – The Fashion Capital