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Key Points for Karen Ferris

  • Karen Ferris is an awarding winning author and speaker inspiring audiences around the globe with her thought-provoking insights.
  • She has authored four books on workplace resilience, leadership capability uplift, and organisational change management.
  • Karen is a self-professed organisational change management rebel, WITH a cause! - who pushes the boundaries to explore and develop new approaches that are guaranteed to make things better for all.
  • Karen has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by itSMF Australia and has been voted one of the top 25 thought leaders by HDI for the last 6years.
  • In 2018 Change Management Institute awarded her the Rebel Award for The person breaking all the rules to make things better for all.
  • Karen will never accept that the best way to address change is simply more of the same.

Topics for Karen Ferris

  • The future of work is the future of leadership. Are you hybrid ready?
    The future of work is hybrid. Period. There is no going back to the way it was pre-pandemic. The genie is out of the bottle and the bottle has been broken.
  • From command and control to empowerment and trust
    The future of work is the future of leadership.The new era of work has made employee empowerment and a foundation of trust an imperative for high performing teams.
  • Game on! Change is constant. Tactics to win when leading change is everyone’s business
    Football players do not resist change. They embrace it. Every game is different - pitch, weather, tactics, opposition, positions and team composition. They say Game On! Learn how to make your organisation a winning team.
  • Unleash the resiliator within
    The next great disruption is right around the corner, and we will not see it coming. We just need to be ready for it. Organisational survival depends on it. In the face of constant, uncertain, complex, and unprecedented change, we need a workforce that is prepared, enabled and game ready. It is time to unleash the resiliator® within!
  • Adaptive leadership
    The work environment is constantly changing – operating models, workload, team, customers, consumers, and resources. Leadership must adapt accordingly.
    Good leaders adapt easily to changing environments. They know what to do when they don’t know what to do. They learn through experimentation and manage the context, not the instruction set.
  • A portfolio approach to organisational change
    The choice of practices (activities) utilised to embed change into the organisation are often ill-considered. They are guided by a person’s preference, bias and filters and often repeated change on change. The Balanced Diversity framework provides a selection of 59 practices to choose from across four quadrants so that a portfolio of diverse, yet balanced, practices can be chosen.

Testimonials for Karen Ferris

Great to work with Karen on team development focusing on change and adaptive leadership. Karen has a style that puts the team at ease and is pragmatic and can relay practical organisational applications.
Vice President and Managing Director
ANZ - Motorola Solutions

The workshop was an outstanding success, and feedback received from Change Advisory Group members included the following: Your presentation style was energetic, inclusive and professional; The material you presented was highly relevant for the Group and our organisation; The tools you provided were practical, and easy to understand and use. The group came away quite energised and motivated by the session. We are looking forward to working with again so that we can equip more people, and in particular our leadership group, to manage the ongoing change within the organisation.
Executive Manager, People and Culture
Wentworth Community Housing

Clear. Concise. On-point. Relevant. Practical. All we’ve all come to know, respect and rely on from the insightful mind of Karen Ferris. Your fans are always surprised by you and how you show up and lovingly challenge us to show up to be and become the leaders we want to be!
Forbes Writer, Newsweek Contributor, The Ken Blanchard Companies Channel Partner

I have had the rare pleasure of experiencing presentations from Karen Ferris at events on three continents over the past three years. I can, without hesitation, endorse her persona, her person and her message. Karen is a human who effortlessly transcends the physical room and creates a complete digital experience for conference organizers. Karen is followed by tens of thousands of people online, and her authenticity is indefinably out of this world.
Mindful Cyborg / Futurist