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Key Points for Kaley Chu

  • Kaley Chu is the author of a new book – 100 lunches with Strangers, a simple way to get out of your comfort zone and transform your life.
  • She has featured in the Age and Sydney Morning Herald, and been interviewed by radio stations across the country.
  • Kaley is described as one of the freshest new faces on the motivational speaking circuit, Kaley has polled higher in post-session feedback than many seasoned speakers.
  • Her inspirational story has the power to cut through corporate hype and encourage immediate, life-changing action.
  • She is the Rising Star Award Winner by YMag.

Topics for Kaley Chu

  • Get out of your comfort zone. Change your destiny and unleash your hidden potential.
    For many of us, connecting with strangers is challenging and perhaps a little scary. Kaley will show you how every stranger, every new connection is a door to opportunities you never thought possible.
    Her methodology will help you re-evaluate your self-talk, overcome limiting beliefs and move forward into a much more fulfilling life. No matter what your goals or objectives, Kaley’s journey will inspire you to achieve your full potential, turn the ordinary into extraordinary and overcome the obstacles that stand in your way.
  • Ignite your sales team’s potential with a fresh mindset and new strategies for creating new, profitable relationships - a new way of prospecting.
    Kaley’s highly engaging and motivating presentations will give your team practical strategies for making more and much deeper connections that will lead to greater engagement, stronger relationships and ultimately, more business! Your sales team will have an entirely new paradigm to operate in – one in which they do not let their comfort zone, past performance, fear of rejection or limiting beliefs hold them back from achieving their goals. At the same time, they will be more authentic in their approach to building strategic connections and winning new clients.
  • Bye Shy, Fly High! - Overcome your shyness forever.
    Whether you have recently arrived in Australia and don’t yet have a network or whether you’ve been here all your life and have struggled to connect, this inspiring presentation will show you how to:
    • Be more confident
    • Step out of your comfort zone
    • Connect with new people and new opportunities
    • Transform and enrich your life

Kaley’s 100 Lunches journey is an inspiring story of one woman’s journey to real fulfillment. The strategies, stories and lessons she shares will help you do the same.

Testimonials for Kaley Chu

Thanks Kaley for delivering such an incredible keynote presentation at our Conference. Not surprisingly it scored the highest rating from our members. Your story is testament that we really can change our destiny. Yes, you need to be incredibly courageous and yes you also need to be very committed to sticking to a plan, but you have shown that we can all do it! Your keynote and book should be mandatory reading for all school-leavers to better prepare them for all that life can offer PLUS anyone employed in a job that has a sales component. There has never been a more unique prospecting initiative and how when it’s done right, it can transform you and the potential of your business.
Managing Director
Money Quest

From silent awe to outbursts of laughter Kaley Chu captured the attention of every participant as she shared her 100 Lunches with Strangers story, at the HRIA Women in Hire Program (WIH). Kaley’s natural warmth, sense of humour, authentic style and unique story was compelling. Thank you, Kaley, for inspiring each of us to step outside our comfort zone. We look forward to warmly welcoming you again at future events.
Managing Director
Strategic Alignment Training