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Key Points for Josh Norbido

  • Josh Norbido is a master magician, showman and keynote speaker.
  • Josh is one of Australia’s top Corporate Magicians specializing in Stage entertainment and close-up sleight of hand.
  • Josh adds an exciting wild card to conferences with his unique delivering keynote “The Magic of Sales”.

Topics for Josh Norbido

Sales is helping people believe in a solution. Magic is the same. Without the ability to sell others on either your ideas or products there is no business. As a magician without the ability to sell there is no magic….
Josh explains and demonstrates live on stage the principles that allows you to engage your customer and create an atmosphere more conducive for buying.
“Engage me and you can make me convince myself"

  • Business is a performance art
  • Buying takes place in the silence
  • Power puestions
  • CreatingmMagic ,oments in business

  • Interactive roving / mingle magic
    The Mingle Magic Package allows Josh to reach each and every guest while performing close-up slight of hand and intimate illusions. This style promotes interaction amongst your guests ensuring a seamless, entertaining event.
  • Stand-up comedy magic show
    Josh's high energy show invites you and your guests to sit back and witness astonishing magic, manipulation of the mind, comical audience interaction and a spell binding conclusion!
  • Master of ceremonies

Testimonials for Josh Norbido

You are not from this planet.
Google Sydney

You provided amazing entertainment and your card is still stuck to the roof! Ha.
Tracey Grimshaw
A Current Affair

What you do is amazing and it’s the best Magic I’ve ever seen!
Celebrity Chef

Josh was very friendly and accommodating. His magic was flawless and definitely very impressive. The audience responded very well to his content and it tied will well with our theme.

Event Manager
Ventura Pharmacy 
Josh spoke at our conference on the Business of Sales, it was very relevant for our audience.  Josh was very happy to weave his messages to help us achieve what we wanted with for our team. I would definitely recommend Josh as a speaker, he was very engaging and his keynote helped our businesses.
Andersons Flooring