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Jon Faine AM

Key Points

  • Jon Faine is an ABC Broadcaster of the Year, multiple media and legal awards, Order of Australia, Monash University Distinguished Alumni… Jon has been gonged at many levels.
  • He is the best selling author of From Here To There, recounting a father and son overland road trip from Melbourne to London. It sold 20,000 copies as well as being a top selling audio book.
  • He is a masterful story teller. Jon's knowledge bridges current affairs, politics, social change, law, justice, media, business, ethics - but with a humorous and light touch.
  • Live daily radio and TV over decades prepares Jon for any challenge, and makes conference facilitation second nature. There is no better BS detector than live radio.
  • Seven years a lawyer - commercial law then Fitzroy Legal Service - means Jon understands the worlds of both business and community.
  • Countless conference presentations, MC-ing, facilitating private and public events, round tables, guests lectures, public speeches… Jon can speak to any audience.


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