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John Deeks

Key Points

  • John Deeks is the talent and voice behind some of Australia's brightest and most successful television shows.
  • As an integral part of the Seven Network, John has been the station announcer since 1976. In 1979 he became the face of "Lotto" as millions of hopeful viewers tuned in on Saturday night to get those numbers. In "96, it's "Oz Lotto", and the lucky numbers are still with John.
  • Special events, the compere can make or break them. John Deeks is the host with the most, a confident, entertaining performer who understands the client's individual needs and tailors his role to suit the occasion. Miss Victoria, the Advertising Industry Catalogue Awards, Victorian Training Awards, Health and Safety Awards, Multi-media Awards...these are just a few of the events to benefit from John's special talents.

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