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Key Points for Daymond John

  • Daymond John is the Founder and CEO of FUBU.
  • He is the Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship.
  • He is the star of ABC's Shark Tank.
  • Is a 2 times New York Times Best-Selling Author.

Topics for Daymond John

  • 5 Shark Points: Fundamentals for success in business and life
    Daymond John is going to share his unique goal-setting and achievement strategies, which will empower audience members to make positive changes in every aspect of their lives. He believes the keys to his success include establishing the right mindset and following a few fundamental principles, which he calls his five "S.H.A.R.K points.”

Testimonials for Daymond John

Daymond’s keynote was a huge hit, as evidenced by the enthusiastic scores he got in our attendee survey, and I truly appreciate all you and he did to help make the three days a huge success.
President and Editor-in-Chief
Inc. Media

Daymond spoke to our 3,000 attendees, who all huddled into the main room at our Traffic & Conversion Summit to hear what he had to say, and he had them hanging on his every word. We never knew how funny Daymond is, but more importantly, he is the real deal, intensely authentic, engaging, full of stories that touch the hearts and lives of the audience and kept them in their seats during the entire engagement. I highly recommend Daymond as a keynote speaker for any conference.
Digital Marketer

We were very pleased with Daymond’s presentation. Nearly all of the feedback I got after the event was positive. Specifically, people liked his DJ adding a little music and sound bites that brought some levity to the speech. He brought the audience in with his comments about “that’s when I needed you” several times – that resonated with me and others in the group. He was confident and open about his success and his failures while seeming almost professorial in recalling his experiences, very cool. He didn’t dwell on his personal woes from his initial success, but it was apparent he was affected by it. Perhaps going into more details about business issues he might have had with vendors and using overseas mfg. – and the corresponding logistics/shipping issues - would have been germane to this group. One of the MAIN things that most people liked the best was the Q&A after his speech. He was candid and informative and seemed to really enjoy that direct interaction with the audience. The sponsors really enjoyed the 1 on 1 session with Daymond prior to his speech, which was fun and unique. He handled it well and was very gracious in listening to people and allowing several pictures. He briefly talked about how his “bank” was helpful but more specifics around that would have been interesting. In hindsight, I wish we would have done away with the podium. I didn’t need it and Daymond likes to walk around while talking (which is great) and it seemed like the podium was in the way.
Cole Taylor Bank

On behalf of Workplace Investing at Fidelity Investments, I would like to express sincere thanks to you for taking part in our WI President’s Circle event as a keynote speaker. Hearing about your experiences as an entrepreneur has helped our group of top performers gain valuable insight into successfully taking big ideas from concept to execution. The theme for our WI President’s Circle event was “Thinking Big” to advance the long-term success of our customers and our business. You provided our award recipients with the types of ideas and inspiration they need to do just that. There is no question they have brought new energy and excitement back to Fidelity. We have received a lot of positive feedback about how you made our morning an unforgettable one that was thought-provoking, entertaining and motivational. Thank you again for the outstanding experience you provided to our team.
WI Strategy & Planning

Daymond's presentation at our ChainLinks national convention in Dallas was outstanding. Daymond used a mixed media of slides combined with music and welltimed comments. He was charismatic, articulate and entertaining. While I would have considered the above a great presentation, the actual "SHARK" message and content were meaningful and motivational to all that attended... During the presentation, I checked the crowd many times. Daymond had 100% of their attention for 100% of the time...
ChainLinks Retail Advisors

Daymond was a huge success. More than a keynote address, he delivered a very unique performance and tied his storytelling into the theme of the event...and more importantly...into the DNA of our client. His comments were very well received, and the reviews are off the charts. Thank you for all of your assistance in making Daymond’s appearance a success.

Daymond was awesome to work with. He went the extra mile on everything he did and did an amazing job on tailoring the presentation to our audience. Our Executives were very happy with it and the audience loved it. I just want to drop a note and say the speaker Daymond John was excellent last night. The entire event was excellent and you could tell a lot of time and effort went into making it excellent. Thank you for such an event. My husband Steve and I enjoyed it very much. We both can use the information we gained from all of it. I hope you will continue to offer such events.
American Airlines Credit Union

When considering sponsorship opportunities, major companies like P&G must be sure the investment has a direct connection with our brands and business philosophy. Daymond John exceeded all expectations. Rarely does a speaker customize so much of their presentation to meet the customer's needs while keeping it informative, entertaining, and inspiring. Daymond invested significant time understanding the industry and what we wanted out of his presentation. He then incorporated those key messages in the keynote. He motivated the audience, met our business needs, and gave 100% to every activity.
Procter & Gamble