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Key Points for Dr Jodi Richardson

  • Academically accomplished, professionally experienced and intrinsically compassionate, Dr Jodi Richardson is renowned for engaging presentations that inspire lasting change.
  • Jodi shares expertise gained through her PhD (Medicine), Honours in Exercise and Sports Science, Bachelor of Education and studies in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.
  • She is co-author of the best-selling book Anxious Kids (Penguin Random House) republished in seven languages, and author of Anxious Mums (Penguin Random House), released November 2020.
  • A respected media commentator in the anxiety and wellbeing space, Jodi has shared her insights and expertise on ABC TV News Breakfast, the TODAY Show, Sunrise, Studio 10, ABC Radio, ABC RN Life Matters, Radio New Zealand and in the Herald Sun, New Idea and Mindful Parenting.
  • A former high performance, mental health and wellbeing freelance journalist, Jodi’s work featured in Inside Cricket, Inside Football, Rugby League Week, Australian Auto Action and on the Australian Institute of Sport and AFL websites.
  • An experienced exercise physiologist, Jodi specialises in exercise for mental health and advocates for exercise over the lifespan. She recently earned her 1st Dan black belt in karate.
  • Jodi contributed to the pursuit of improved outcomes for student mental health in Australia, working with Beyond Blue on their National School Initiative for Prevention of Depression.
  • Jodi lives on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula (VIC) with her husband, two children and two border collies.


Topics for Dr Jodi Richardson

  • Get anxiety out of the way and get on with life
    Insights and innovative skills to turn down the dial on anxiety and transform workplace mental health

    Doing something new is exactly what’s called for when doing more of the same isn’t working. This has never been truer than when it comes to anxiety. The most common mental health challenge prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, anxiety is now a much heavier burden. While natural to want to eliminate the discomfort, distress, emotional pain, future thinking and other challenges that come with anxiety, suppressive and avoidant approaches just don’t cut it anymore. Worse, these strategies typically amplify anxiety. Key workplace requirements including communication, problem solving and even leadership are undermined, affecting productivity and profits. The impacts on happiness, wellbeing and family can also not be overlooked. In this distinctly human presentation, Jodi not only shares insights and innovative evidence-based strategies, she does so compassionately through the lens of a professional who has learned to move anxiety out of the way and get on with living a rich, fulfilling, happier life.  

  • Happier on purpose
    Redefining happiness, busting the myths and actionable steps to increase happiness

    The almost universal answer to the question of what we want most in life is ‘to be happier’. Of course! It’s an undeniably important pursuit and brings with it countless advantages in life and in work. But what if you were to learn that so much of what we believe about happiness, and how to get more of it in our lives, has not only been undermining quality of life, but potentially contributing to more psychological challenges? We need only look at rising rates of depression and anxiety alone to gain perspective on the impact that modern life has on our ill-equipped minds. What if, instead of constantly shifting goalposts and a ‘never enough’ attitude, we could think about happiness in a new and different way? In addition to learning how to be happier in the here and now, not ‘when…’ and ‘if…’, the subsequent extraordinary rewards in terms of energy, joy, meaning, creativity, engagement, success, fun and performance are there for the taking. Jodi’s natural warmth and honest, relatable insights will leave you looking at happiness, and indeed life and work, with a fresh perspective, renewed optimism and actionable strategies.

  • Thriving with anxiety
    A story of optimism and hope from an anxious achiever

    Jodi doesn’t recall a life without anxiety. And while she’s endured times in her life when anxiety has robbed her of much, over many years she’s learned to not only minimise and manage the psychological and physiological challenges of her anxiety, she’s learned the many ways in which anxiety has steered her towards a more meaningful life and, now, proudly thrives with anxiety. Renowned for her ability to connect with her audiences, in this heart-warming and hope-inducing keynote presentation Jodi shares her story in a way that invites audiences to recognise and better understand their own experiences and think differently about their mental health and wellbeing. 

  • Helping anxious kids reduce their anxiety and re-engage with learning 
    Supporting students to minimise the impact of anxiety in the classroom

    Anxiety among children is high, and for good reason. Knowing it’s our brain and body’s response to threat explains just why the pandemic has amplified the anxiety of those with pre-existing challenges, and has elevated anxiety for most others. Teachers and students alike are returning to school routines while continuing to navigate the challenges of the pandemic and the uncertainty that comes with it. In her professional development seminar Jodi supports educators to not only support students in their care, but also how to monitor, manage and minimise their own stress and anxiety.

  • Moving kids from anxiety to resilience
    Equipping parents with understanding, skills and strategies to support anxious kids and teens

    Childhood anxiety is one of the most prevalent conversations in schools, families and the media today. It’s reflective of the fact that it is an epidemic impacting children, parents and teachers across the world; more so now than ever before as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Join Dr Jodi Richardson in this presentation made popular through its tour right across Australia and New Zealand. Here Jodi speaks about the tools and strategies for helping children recognise, regulate and turn down the volume on their anxiety. Jodi truly understands anxiety through extensive study and personal experience with her own diagnosis and is therefore able to speak right to the heart of family issues surrounding anxiety. Her knowledge, empathy and candour make audiences feel like she’s part of the family, or a friend who really understands them and just wants what’s best for them.

Testimonials for Dr Jodi Richardson

When booking a speaker for a conference or presentation, there are many who hold the desired qualifications, knowledge and expertise; however, booking a speaker who is an engaging and commanding speaker is another skill set entirely. It’s a rare combination to discover a speaker who speaks with credibility, but who also has the audience in the palm of her hand from the get go and yet this is what places Dr Jodi Richardson apart from other speakers. She is outstanding with regard to both content and delivery.

Jodi spoke at the ProPsych, “Mental Health in Schools Conference” in May of 2018. She was strategically placed as the final speaker on the last day of a two-day conference. It is no mean feat to willingly speak in this time slot and in many ways, it is a measure of the calibre of a speaker, as many delegates’ minds are beginning to wander as the weekend beckons. 

However, Jodi took to the stage in her gentle, yet confident manner and delivered a professional presentation to a venue full of educators and health professionals. No one left the venue. She drew the audience in with her carefully constructed and evidence based presentation, while also providing personal insight from her own journey and then coloured the topic with real life examples. The presentation was practical, personal, informative and beautifully prepared. It was skilfully delivered as Jodi is not one to rigidly straddle the lectern; she moves with ease on stage and her proximity to her audience is open and compelling.

If you are seeking a speaker of the highest calibre, well versed in the area of mental health, then I strongly recommend Dr Jodi Richardson. She is calm and composed, an expert in her field and a genuinely warm person with a desire to improve the mental health status of individuals by sharing her knowledge. 
Psychologist / Senior Consultant
ProPsych, Melbourne

We engaged Jodi’s services as part of a Client Planning retreat. Those days can be quite draining and we needed someone to lift the energy and awareness of the team prior to our afternoon session. Jodi hit the mark! She provided insight and self-awareness, delightfully guided by her engaging stories and personal journey. Jodi’s involvement made a measurable difference to people’s attention levels and productivity and they sailed through the rest of the workshop with clear heads and energy. I recommend Jodi’s services to anyone who is planning a staff workshop and is looking for a new approach to employee engagement.
Director & HR Specialist
Howadco Business + HR Solutions

Jodi has an amazing way of connecting with her audience. Her personal stories make her so relatable to people of all ages and they empower those who hear her to see a positive way through their difficult experiences. Jodi's background knowledge and theoretical base really educate her audience to understand and unpack their experiences, leaving them more able to identify their struggles and successes. A great speaker who comes at these important topics from so many angles.
Toorak College

We were delighted to have Dr Jodi present three webinars for our charity during lockdown one and two in Victoria. We know that Dr Jodi is one of the best presenters on anxiety, however were also really impressed with the way that Dr Jodi managed the online space. Her set up added to the calm atmosphere she created - from lighting, clear sound & warm environment- it was an incredible standard. Dr Jodi engaged our audience through asking for responses via the chat box & was affirming of all online questions submitted. We look forward to Dr Jodi presenting for us again because the high level of excellence she presents with in person is matched in the online presentation space.
Founder & Director
SJI Autism & Carer Support

Brilliant evening expanding our understanding of anxiety last night at Wesley College, Melbourne. Dr Jodi Richardson is a brilliant guide for anyone encountering anxiety and that is everyone - as an anxious person or a carer.
NESTS Education
Professional Development for educators

This presentation was exceptional. I have attended quite a few presentations related to anxiety and how to support children experiencing anxiety, all of which have been interesting and filled with informed content, but Dr Jodi Richardson’s presentation was exceptional. Her strategies were extremely well presented, easy to understand and left me motivated to use in both my teaching career, and as a carer for two young boys dealing with anxiety issues and difficult living arrangements. I was impressed by Jodi’s knowledge of the material and the manner in which she shared it. This was a fist class presentation with exemplary practical implications.
Teacher, parent and carer

Absolutely fabulous - coming from the perspective of a person with lived experience of anxiety.  I especially loved the breakdown of strategies and the "why" behind why these strategies work.  As a person who suffers from anxiety, and supports two daughters with anxiety, the information shared in this presentation will be used on a regular basis.  I took a copious amount of notes!  Thank you Dr Jodi Richardson for sharing your story and strategies.
Parent and carer