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Key Points for Jennifer Moss

  • Jennifer Moss is an expert on science-based workplace happiness.
  • She is the Co-founder of Plasticity Labs, a happiness research, technology, and consulting company.
  • She is the bestselling and award-winning author of Unlocking Happiness at Work and a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review.
  • One of only 17% of females globally to cofound and lead a tech company earned her an International Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award, named a Canadian Innovator of the Year.
  • This also secured her a place as the HR Chair of a world-renowned technology incubator, and she was invited to be a member of the United Nations Global Happiness Council.

Topics for Jennifer Moss

  • The happiness economy
    Organizational culture answers the question of why do we do what we do. Like community or national culture, organizational culture is an indispensable aspect of any company. It’s the holistic understanding of an organization’s goals and how they will be achieved. After two decades of research, we can prove that there is a direct correlation between a healthy, productive workplace culture and a company’s bottom line. Jennifer will share the current research going on in this space drawing on case studies of companies who see culture as a mission-critical effort.
    Key takeaways:
    • How to foster workplace happiness. 
    • The mechanisms for tracking your organizational success.
    • Adaptive frameworks to implement within your organization.
  • How to be disruptive: A five-step process to staying relevant
    This presentation examines the most innovative and successful examples of workplace cultures around the globe. Drawing from her experience working with the UN on workplace well-being, along with her collaborations with early-stage startups in Silicon Valley, Jennifer explores new strategies organizations can use to remain competitive, relevant, and ready for the workforce of the future.

    From the data-driven approach to measuring happiness at work in Dubai, to building compassionate start-ups in New York, to engaging micro-chips at workplaces born out of a project at MIT – this internationally-inspired presentation will tackle it all.

    Bringing a unique perspective as a Cofounder of a first-in-category tech start-up, Jennifer will answer the burning questions surrounding ethics, shifting HR boundaries and tactical plans required to build a disruptive culture for the workplace of the future.
  • The HERO generation – Unlocking happiness in schools
    Jennifer and her research team developed the HERO Generation Program to build up the psychological skills of everyone involved in the education system. Based on a happiness model rooted in neuropsychology, the program focuses on the emotional traits that are represented in the happiest and highest performing people in the world: Hope, Efficacy, Resilience, Optimism, Gratitude, Empathy, and Neuronal control (mindfulness). In this presentation, Jennifer will provide research outcomes through real-world examples from teachers, administrators, and students. She shares the successes and the pitfalls of disrupting one of the oldest institutions in the world, and what tangible actions educators can take to bring elements of the HERO teachings back to their school ecosystem.
    The emotionally intelligent leader
    We used to think IQ was the best determinant of a person’s likelihood for success. Now, we have scientific evidence that proves otherwise. As we understand more about emotional intelligence and how it plays into the cultural makeup of some of the most innovative companies, it’s impossible to ignore its relevance. When your team builds up their psychological fitness, it can give them the edge to outpace competitors through increased innovation, improved engagement, and higher productivity. This talk will explore how to unlock happiness in the workplace to rally organizational metrics while sustaining, or even reigniting, our passion for work. Jennifer will share how companies like Lululemon and TD Ameritrade have executed on her team’s research while outlining practical solutions to develop a clear strategy to implement a happiness plan at their organization.
  • Conscious capitalism
    Jennifer will focus on the term Conscious Capitalists, a new wave of highly recognized leaders and organizations who have adopted the double bottom line approach to building and running their companies. She zeroes-in on how these successful operations are executing this mission at the highest levels and disseminating their way of thinking to the public and with their employees. From a boutique design agency with 35 employees to a global grocery retailer with over 91,000 employees, we will learn the true definition of Conscious Capitalism. Jennifer looks at companies who are engaging in this strategy and the outcomes of those efforts. She will explore the benefits and challenges of conscious capitalism and provide audiences with the tools to bring this mindset back to their own organizations.

Testimonials for Jennifer Moss

In her speaking, Jennifer does a masterful job at weaving together the threads of personal experience with the art & neuroscience of motivation to deliver a compelling message, that causes the audience to reflect on how we think & interact not only in our careers, but also in our personal lives.
Chief Financial Officer

Jen stands apart from this field as someone who is not just passionate about the issue, a passion that makes her presentations shine, but has the data and the experience to back up her beliefs. She’s a great speaker on an important topic. What more could you ask for?
Executive Conference Producer
The Conference Board of Canada

I was genuinely entertained by her storytelling and inspired by her message. She showed an authentic level of comfort with the audience and you could sense that everyone was highly engaged in her talk.
GM Canada

The event has gone well and Jennifer brightened everyone's perspective with her presentation and gave us all something to consider in terms of happiness.
Chapter Chair
Canadian Property Tax Association, Ontario Chapter

Very engaging speaker with powerful message. She was ultimately fabulous.
Canadian Health and Wellness Innovations Conference

It was so great! Audience was engrossed - laughing, snapping pics of the deck, engaged and riveted.
Financial Insurance Conference Planners (FICP)