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Key Points for Jeff Allis

  • Jeff Allis is the mastermind behind the building of the Boost brand and the evolution into a multi brand platform.
  • In May 2014, Bain Capital, co-founded by former US Republican President nominee Mitt Romney, bought a 70 per cent stake in The Retail Zoo for around $185 million, with Jeff and Janine Allis staying on as equity holders.
  • Tells an inspirational story, referencing a deep love and admiration for his wife and the strengths that drive their complementary and highly successful working relationship.

Topics for Jeff Allis

  • You all know Janine's Boost Juice story, but what are the secret bits that have never been told? Jeff will give you 5 of Boosts deep dark secrets!
    Behind every great woman is a good man, Jeff's presentation outtakes.
  • An inspirational story, a deep love and admiration for his wife.

Testimonials for Jeff Allis

To the point and honest, Jeff demonstrates success in his own unique kind of way.
Australian Retailers Association

Wow I've seen Janine speak before, but it was great to get the full picture of the boost story through Jeff's honest, humorous and more ruthless eyes.

That guy really loves his wife, no wonder they are such an amazing business couple, loved the story and seeing the other darker side