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Key Points for Jason Jelicich

  • Jason Jelicich is a seasoned Training Expert & Culture Change Leader.
  • He authored "The Present - A Mindfulness Handbook for the Everyday Guru.
  • Jason advocates for integrating present practices into the workforce to combat worry and overthinking.
  • He inspires audiences to embrace mindfulness for positive change, fostering personal influence, creativity, and enthusiasm in both professional and personal life.

Topics for Jason Jelicich

  • The present experience - Your future starts here, now
  • Present leadership - Effectiveness through being more and doing less

Testimonials for Jason Jelicich

Listening to Jason refer to The Present versus The Past and The Future had a great impact on my daily approach and thinking. As a working mother, daughter, wife and employee I found that I could identify with his thoughts on every level.  It was inspiring, thought provoking and left a lasting impression.
CBHS Health Fund Ltd

Thank you so much for a wonderful presentation to the CCIA team yesterday – we have had so much positive feedback from every team member – a real lift to our spirits and inspiration to keep fighting to achieve our vision!
Children’s Cancer Institute

The Present message continues to resonate with me... it has worked wonders for me having just moved house and started a new position all in the same month!
Ernst & Young

One of the most inspirational presentations I have received in many years – you certainly have made me realize the power of now and how to use it to improve my outlook on life.
Applied Training Solutions