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Key Points for Jason Cunningham

  • Jason is co-founder and director of the inner city business and personal wealth advisory firm The Practice.
  • He is a member of Channel 10's The Living Room, finance guru on Triple M’s The Rush Hour, and spent nine years talking money on SEN1116ʹs The Run Home.
  • Has been featured on Sky News, Hinch Live and Studio 10 as well as in print media and multiple blogs.
  • Author of Have your cake and sell it too: the 7 key ingredients of business success.
  • Is one of Australia's leading business growth experts, and a unique voice in the SME space.

Topics for Jason Cunningham

  • Retail is tough … so fight back!
    Challenging retail conditions require an even greater focus on the key drivers of business success. Jason taps into his extensive retail experience – from working at Ford Motor Company to advising national franchise groups – to provide practical tactics to help you grow your cash flow, build a loyal customer base, and develop a high‐performance team that delivers a consistently amazing customer experience.
  • Love you life‐time’
    How to engage with customers to grow sales and loyalty

    To increase client engagement and create lifelong customers, every customer experience must be exceptional. The holy grail for business owners is when your people continually deliver amazing customer experiences, even when you’re not there. This requires skilled and resourced people operating within a high‐performance, customer‐centric culture. Jason combines his real‐world experience with insights from elite sports teams and world‐class experts to give business owners of all types – including corporates, professional services, retail and franchises – the tools to develop a winning team.
  • ‘Get sacked!’
    Step back so your people can step up

    Most owners do it all – sales, marketing, strategy, delivering the product or service, customer support, and the full‐time job of managing people. Jason argues that while business owners are the most important factor in a business’ success, they’re also the biggest barrier holding it back. You need to step back so your people can step up. Using case studies and practical examples, and sharing his own business owner journey, Jason gives owners the tools and framework to move from manic to manager so you can guide and mentor your team to higher levels of performance.
  • Building a winning team
    What businesses can learn from elite sport

    KPIs, benchmarks, performance reviews, strategic plans, brands; many business concepts are used by elite sports teams to get the edge that can be the difference between hero and zero. Jason reveals the philosophies and habits of the world’s most successful sports teams, and shows you how an elite team mindset can transform the skills and capabilities of your people.
  • The 7 key ingredients of business success
    You can have it all: build a thriving business you love; enjoy the lifestyle you went into business for in the first place; and grow an asset you can one day sell for top dollar. Jason’s latest book, Have Your Cake And Sell It Too, condenses his 20‐year career of helping business owners (and growing his own) along with insights from world‐class experts to create a recipe for business success. This practical and inspirational presentation will give you the tips, tactics and confidence to build the business of your dreams.

Testimonials for Jason Cunningham

I’ve followed Jason Cunningham’s career for some time now, across multiple media driven platforms. I’ve booked Jason for 2 separate presentations, in very different industries, and his ability to engage with any group, is his super power. He speaks the ‘people’s’ language and his style of presentation on content that can be perceived at times as being ‘dull’,  Jason always delivers in a relatable, knowledgeable and entertaining manner. Finally, talking finance is interesting! Jason is an authentic story teller, presenter and an expert in his field. We would recommend Jason’s workshops to anyone. Being able to adapt to your industry’s requirements and people, you will not be disappointed. The Practice Team are always my go to when wanting to educate people in this space. Thank you for your professionalism and sound advice!
Jayne Pakinga-Contino

We recently had Jason Cunningham present to 100+ employees in a tailored session called “Six Steps to Staying (financially) Positive and Preparing for the Turnaround" during our work from home times due to Covid. Jason’s positive energy is contagious, and he managed to connect with the audience and keep them engaged for a full hour over Zoom, while also keeping the content relevant and relatable. I loved Jason’s can-do attitude and positive outlook, every interaction with Jason leaves you feeling lifted and energized.
Equinix Australia

It's been over 48 hours since Jason Cunningham spoke at an Anthill event and I’m still buzzing from the energy that Jason brought to the group. He’s full of passion & integrity, he’s bold, but always guaranteed to entertain and educate a group of passionate business builders. If you’re thinking of hiring Jason for an event, I say ‘do it!’… I’d like to tell you more but I’m so buzzing I’ve got to go get sh*t done!

Jason’s engaging presentation style and world-class content set him apart in the SME space. Whenever I talk about business owners who are true Thought Leaders - speaker, media authority, author, and also mentoring clients - I always give two examples: the first is Richard Branson; the second is Jason Cunningham. I think that says it all.
Thought Leaders Global

Jason brings a unique perspective (plus a truckload of passion and energy) that our audience laps up. By challenging and inspiring in equal measure, he helps the audience to achieve results they never thought possible. I was so impressed with his content, I engaged him to be my business adviser. I couldn’t give a stronger endorsement than that.
Key Person of Influence Australia