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Key Points for James Rhee

  • James Rhee is an impact investor, CEO and educator.
  • Named the John H. Johnson Endowed Chair of Entrepreneurship at Howard University, 2021.
  • Senior Advisor to the newly launched Howard University Center for Women, Gender and Global Leadership.
  • Is a thought leader on impact/ESG investing, multidimensional transformation and principled leadership.
  • An award-winning entrepreneur, he empowers people, brands and companies to reach their true potential by investing in leadership. 

Topics for James Rhee

  • The art of the turnaround: Inside Ashley Stewart
    The unprecedented transformation of Ashley Stewart is proof of how trust and joy, grounded in math and amplified through digital marketing, can overcome impossible odds and fuel individual and enterprise-wide innovation. It is a reminder of the power of collective action and the extraordinary of the ordinary, as well as a commentary on a potential way forward for the co-existence of humanism, capital-ism and technology.

    At its core, it is also the story of an unlikely friendship between a first generation Asian-American private equity investor (who raised his hand to become the self-described “least qualified CEO”) and a predominantly Black female employee group who placed their mutual trust in each other, learned from one another and then proceeded to quietly shock the world. In a divided and harried world, Rhee tells a story that bridges innovation and hope through generous and patient leadership, and his journey holds actionable wisdom for those who have the courage and humility to live and lead from the heart.
  • Impact investing: Kindness & math
  • Black lives matter in business
  • How finding meaning in life can generate profits

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