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Key Points for James Poulter

  • James Poulter is UK’s leading Voice and Conversational Ai Community and an Innovation and Marketing consultant specialising in voice technology, conversational AI and social media.
  • Is the CEO of Vixen Labs and Founder of Voice2.
  • Former Head of The LEGO Group’s Emerging Platforms & Partnerships team and Head of Social Media for LEGO’s social network for Kids, LEGO Life.
  • A seasoned marketer and communications professional with over 10 years of experience.

Topics for James Poulter

  • Ambient technology
    In this presentation James talks on the impact of voice assistance, AI and conversational technology and how it is becoming the anecdote to our digital distraction and impact it will have and can have in the future. Learn where to begin in the world of voice marketing and move towards it.
  • 2025 – Autonomous connected and enabled
    In this presentation James takes you into the not too distant future to look at the real impact of new and advancing existing technologies and how they will impact individuals lives in a 24 hour period and what long term benefits they will bring.
  • How technology is changing the way we connect face to face
  • The ethics and morality of digital technology
  • Play + work = Innovation culture
    When we blend the best of play with the best of work we get a culture that truly moves people to innovation. In this talk James will show you where your organisation sits on the “innovation pendulum” and how you can shift from a siloed approach to an culture of innovation.

Testimonials for James Poulter

One of the few people I've met that have the real ability to read people and situations well, and act on that knowledge in ways that lead to real interpersonal effectiveness. In the fast-paced and dynamic digital environment, there are some situations where entrepreneurs often find themselves struggling to steer safely out of a conversational jam - James definitely does not have that problem, he loves sharing his experience to help others build their business or community
TeComm & Lebero Events

JP is full of energy, ideas, and passion for technology. He is a very strong networker and collaborator who is always looking to support new projects and initiatives and is focused on ensuring he has a strong knowledge and expertise on whatever the “next big thing” around the corner is. He also has a fantastic network and is a valued sparring partner on many topics - from Voice to Blockchain via GIFs and Emojis. It has been great working with him at LEGO Group.

JP is the ultimate collaborator. He empowers his teammates and shares his knowledge of digital trends and technologies at every opportunity. He is the first person to volunteer for a hackathon and is an exceptional facilitator of strategic partnerships. JP was a key member to the development of LEGO's social app LEGO Life (launched #1 in Kids category), and the driving force behind the LEGO emoji language (featured on Jimmy Fallon).
Mixed Reality

In this new age of digital marketing and pr, there are few people in the UK that absolutely 'get it'. Those that do have been busy proving just how valuable this new way of doing things is to business and James is one of those people. Knows his stuff, explains it in an easy to understand way and keeps his eye on future trends and how it all fits together.
Business & Mindset Mentor

I thought that James’ talk was intuitional, intentional and intelligent. His delivery style was very much the zeitgeist of our times. It inspired a vast amount of ideas
Syniad 2019
Cardiff University