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Key Points for James Peach

  • James Peach excels in building global brands, with a track record that includes iconic names like Innocent drinks, Uber, and Vinted. He's an adept business advisor.
  • James is a fearless adventurer who's cycled 41,000 km across 38 countries, trekked through Argentina and Norway, and embarked on a non-stop journey across the UK by bike, kayak, and foot.
  • As an ambassador for CALM, James fights to end the 125 lives lost to suicide each week, actively supporting mental health awareness and well-being.
  • James engages audiences globally with humour and passion, delivering speeches that inspire fresh perspectives on life and work, encouraging a departure from the mundane.

Topics for James Peach

  • Resilience and managing your mind
  • Building and scaling global brands
  • Finding your purpose and making an impact
  • Leadership and high performing teams
  • Purpose-led business, culture and brand
  • Finding the adventure in everything you do
  • Growth mindset and your best self

Testimonials for James Peach

"James has an amazing story to tell and is an amazing storyteller. Sharing a fascinating tale through a visual feast of stunning scenery paired with a delightful dose of humour and humility, James’ journey is extraordinary."
"We invited James to be the keynote speaker at our Company All Hands meeting and he effortlessly connected his experience of cycling around the world to our journey as a business in a way that provoked profound reflection and engagement from the graze team."
"His insightful parallels between his experiences and our company's aspirations left a lasting impact on everyone present."​

"James immediately understood the brief and, wow, did James deliver an engaging and inspiring keynote speech."
"James brought to life resilience and teamwork with the most captivating and entrancing talk. He left the audience truly galvanised by his fascinating adventures, yet humbled by how relatable he is."
"I've seen my fair share of speakers over the years and hands down James has been my favourite to date. A normal person who has done extraordinary things."
"The true measure of the impact is that several months on the teams are still referring to what we learned on the day with James."
"I recommend James without hesitation for anyone looking for a keynote speaker."

James spoke to our team on the topic of resilience, using stimulus from cycling around the world and his experience as a brand leader. He gave a captivating and entertaining talk, with meaningful content and practical advice."
"James is very engaging, he speaks with honesty and passion – and the talk had a big impact on the team, so much so we have invited him back."
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