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Key Points for James Fuller

  • James Fuller has brought disruption to the traditional accounting industry, and despite not being an accountant by trade, has grown Hnry to become one of APAC’s largest accounting firms.
  • James has grown a scaling tech business from a couple of spreadsheets at the dining room table, becoming a core advocate for the needs of the independent earning population and the future of work.
  • He has grown a high-performing collaborative team, founded in lean startup principles, that delivers product innovation at a rapid cadence.
  • James has led 4 rounds of capital raising in the last 4 years, securing well over $65m in funding from world-class VCs.
  • With a background in startup coaching and technology consultancy, James has ‘walked the talk’ of validating, building and scaling a tech startup from the ground up.

Topics for James Fuller

  • Portfolio careers and the future of work
  • The Hnry story
  • Startup funding and capital raising
  • Market validation & overseas expansion
  • Scaling agile teams
  • Startup principles / business transformation

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