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Key Points for Jackie Bowker

  • Jackie Bowker is the CEO of The Global Feel Better Institute, an organisation that has helped thousands of people drive mindset shifts, solve seemingly impossible health problems and optimize their bodies so they maximise their human potential.
  • Jackie is a Functional Medicine Nutritionist, GAPS & Gluten Practitioner, BSc(BioMed), Grad. Dip. & Master Human Nutrition and PSYCH-K Facilitator.
  • She has been featured in Casper Magazine, Women’s Weekly, Ageless, and is a board member of the Complementary Medicine Association.
  • Jackie is the Australasian Winner, Melrose Health 'Eat Your Way To Health' Cooking Competition.

Topics for Jackie Bowker

  • Unleashing the champion within: The evidence based wellness strategies to achieve peak performance for athletes and executives
    As a result of attending this keynote / workshop you will learn how to enhance your gut health, nutrition & mindset to get your energy and focus back, lose weight and sleep through the night. You will be inspired to feel phenomenal in your body, operate at your peak and have enough energy for work and for play.
  • Recharge, revitalise, and thrive: Wellness strategies to combat burnout and boost productivity
    As a result of attending this keynote / workshop you will learn healthy hacks for boosting the brain and mind, mindful & sustainable nutrition and how to use wearable tech to track health metrics for optimal health and empowerment.
  • What is the microbiome and why it is more important than ever before?
    As a result of attending this keynote / workshop you will understand what the microbiome is, why it is so important and be inspired to use it to perform at your peak. You will learn how to have as much energy at 7pm as you did at 7am and how to balance your gut for increased mental clarity, focus and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations.

Testimonials for Jackie Bowker

I had the great pleasure of inviting Jackie to be the keynote speaker for a health and wellbeing program that we were launching at the Melbourne Cricket Club. She was simply brilliant. Not only did she provide our people with incredibly valuable and practical information about nutrition, mindset and wellbeing, she personalised the content through a wonderful mix of storytelling and science-based data. People left her presentation with so many useful tips that they could implement easily into their daily lives. The whole office was literally buzzing after she left! Can't recommend her highly enough.
Learning and Organisational Development Manager
Melbourne Cricket Club

We were extremely fortunate to have Jackie Bowker as our keynote speaker at our recent retreat where she captured the audience with her extensive knowledge and passion for health, wellness, nutrition and mindfulness. We could have stayed all day once the opportunity to ask questions opened up. Jackie has a natural flair for communicating research and studies in a way that makes sense. We all loved her tips and tricks and walked away with a handful of improvements we could easily implement into our day to day. I highly recommend Jackie if you are looking for someone inspiring who will leave an impact on the group.
Non-Executive Director

Jackie Bowker’s keynote presentation was very thought provoking. It had the members curious and switched on. They were really engaged with what was being said and it has sparked a lot of conversation around “Is my gut affecting my energy? Is it affecting my back? Is it affecting the way I respond to my clients?” I would recommend her for your audience.
Australian Law Librarians’ Association

Jackie Bowker delivered what was by far the best one-hour keynote presentation that our audience has ever seen. She was entertaining, enthusiastic and her mind altering knowledge and tangible strategies for greater energy, clarity and performance set everyone up to take positive actions for their health. You won’t be disappointed when hiring Jackie for your next event.
Careers Counsellor
Caulfield Grammar School, Melbourne