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Key Points for Isaac Xavier

  • What makes Isaac speeches, talks and workshops so effective is their simplicity of application into the lives of people who hear his wisdom. This wisdom is the result of 40 years in the health and wellness industry. Every day he shows people from all walks of life and ages, simple, yet powerful principles and techniques that have a profound effect on their lives. Isaac will show you how to seamlessly integrate this health and wellness knowledge into your daily lives, instead of asking you to do more. In truth, you are most likely to find that he will ask you to do less, just better, resulting in happier, healthier, more connected members of your team.
  • Isaac has a Bachelors Degree in Sports Science and a NeuroPhysics Diploma.
  • He is a Master Rehab Trainer.
  • Isaac is an award Winning Author.
  • He is the co-founder of Age Rebels and Age Rebels Revolution Podcast.

Topics for Isaac Xavier

  • The ancient wisdom that reveals the simple secret to master your attitude to life
    How to create a powerful presence, impenetrable confidence and connection with peers and clients by utilising this one simple principle
  • The 30 second solution to calm and joy no matter your external circumstances
    There is one body part that is the portal to calm. Few people know what this is, but once they do, they cannot shrink an expanded mind. Understanding the power of this body part will change the way you conduct yourself within any stressful situation or environment.
  • Your innate superpower that will take you from a mouse to a jaguar
    Discover the exact steps to have your feelings work ‘for’ you instead of creating roadblocks and limitations. Use this superpower to your advantage rather than allowing it to deflate you like a balloon.
  • How to claim back your life and perform better with less unnecessary stress and exertion
    There is a way to claim back more of yourself, your feel good emotions, enjoyment and connection to enhance your environment at work and at home. It’s simple to do but there are some key steps to make the most of this process.
  • Extracting your best work and ultimate genius at the top
    How to defy your age, find your best self at the peak of your career and access the fountain of youth far beyond your current years (and it’s not about diet and exercise!)
  • The most powerful perspective shift about physical setbacks that will champion your future success
    Learn how to mine the gold within each physical and/or mental challenge you have to expand into your awaiting potential in mental and physical fitness.
  • The story about my murder and my survival…
    Clearly I lived….but this story involves Hong Kong Triads and the power of response over reactivity and the desire to understand. It can save your life!

Testimonials for Isaac Xavier

Dynamic. Entertaining. Extremely informative. Isaac delivered his promise of giving us life-changing knowledge and corresponding actions we were able to apply as soon as we walked out the door.
Point Capri Resort

Isaac is a passionate and animated presenter. He really cares about getting his message across to help the many! I certainly rely on him as an expert in the field of health and wellbeing. He has a way of breaking down complicated information into really easy to follow and understandable steps. He makes learning and applying the information fun and his enthusiasm is compellingly contagious.
Psychologist and Global Transformation Festival Director

Isaac's greatest asset is helping people develop confidence in their bodies again, when they inherently believe they are broken.
Neuro Chiropractor