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Helene Chung

Key Points

  • First non-white reporter on Australian television: This Day Tonight/Nationwide on ABC TV Hobart, Sydney and Melbourne 1974-83
  • First female posted overseas by ABC: Beijing Correspondent 1983-86 and the first Chinese-Australian journalist appointed to China
  • Shouting from China: in blue Mao-suited China the non-Chinese speaker of Chinese heritage finds herself an alien in the motherland
  • Gentle John My Love My Loss: a vehicle that may transport others in their own painful journeys through grief
  • Lazy Man in China: China's transition from old Communism to new Capitalism interwoven with the love story of Helene and John Martin
  • Ching Chong China Girl: From Fruit shop to Foreign Correspondent: Helene’s life story reflects the transition from white to multicultural Australia

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