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  • Guenther Steiner's candid and humorous personality has made him a favorite subject for media and fans alike. His appearances in the popular Netflix series "Drive To Survive" have further enhanced his profile, showcasing his unfiltered and entertaining approach to the sport.
  • Fluent in English, German, and Italian, Steiner's language skills have contributed to his effectiveness as a Team Principal. His ability to communicate in multiple languages has played a vital role in building relationships and negotiations within the diverse world of Formula 1.
  • As the former Team Principal of the Haas F1 Team, Steiner has been instrumental in pioneering American involvement in Formula 1. Under his guidance, the team made a memorable debut in 2016, and it has since established itself as a competitive presence in the sport.
  • Before entering Formula 1, Steiner's career encompassed rallying, engineering, and management in various motorsport disciplines, showcasing his versatility and extensive knowledge within the racing world. His background in rallying and team management equipped him with a unique skill set for his role as a Formula 1 Team Principal.

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