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Key Points for Gregory Burns MFA

  • Gregory Burns is an internationally recognised athlete having set world records and won gold medals in 3 consecutive Paralympic Games. Also an avid, hiker, scuba diver, surfer and biker, Gregory completed several IronMan events after the age of 48, proving that we all must continue to challenge and change ourselves for the better.
  • Gregory’s story speaks to the winner in all of us. His dynamic keynote presentations, utilising dramatic slides and video footage, challenges audiences to question their excuses and assumptions in order to rethink and achieve their business and personal objectives.
  • Gregory is an internationally recognised fine artist and painter, with exhibitions across 15 countries and being honored with the 2016 Sports Artist of the Year Award from the United States Sports Academy. He uses art making as a tool to open participants up to their own creative abilities, which have often lain dormant for years.
  • Through this innovative team-building workshop, Gregory helps participants reinforce company culture and values by creating amazing artwork that staff craft in a collaborative effort that is a testament to the team and their objectives. The process of visualizing, humanizing and personalising company culture creates a strong connection and ownership for participants while promoting staff retention and producing a lasting piece of art.
  • Gregory has published three books in English and Mandarin and has been featured on CNN, BBC, CNBC, ESPN, CNA, CCTV and in The AWSJ, Time Magazine and The China Daily. He speaks Mandarin Chinese and captivates audiences across the globe.

Topics for Gregory Burns MFA

  • Going beyond limitations
    Sharing frank and personal experiences as a Paralympian and entrepreneur, Gregory Burns stresses the winner’s mindset that challenges the status quo while being deaf to doubts which might dissuade us from pursuing what we know is right. He insists that what defines and distinguishes people is how they leverage and make the most of their limitations and maximize what they do have. Gregory acknowledges both mental and physical well-being are critical and shares his strategies to achieve them. In life, as in business, naming and taming issues while asking for support can be key.
  • Fueling passions, recharging life
    Learn the secrets of Gregory Burns’ success as a Paralympic Gold Medalist and internationally acclaimed contemporary painter. See first-hand how sports and arts are effective grounding tools, that helped him build inner strength and actualize his best self. Discover the creative process behind bespoke artworks created specifically for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Exploring a holistic view of ones activities both personally and professionally, Gregory shares how he manages the trials of keeping his body, mind and spirit in top shape. He challenges us to identify our core rituals, which generate energy in our lives and help each of us deal with the tests we face daily.
  • The hero’s journey
    Referencing Joseph Campbell’s seminal writings on the ‘Hero’s Journey’, this presentation identifies 4 stages of life that all humans transition through as they reach their highest potential. Knowing where we are on our own Hero’s Journey helps us know where to go next and feel confident with the pattern and purpose that drives our lives. As Campbell advises, “The cave we fear to enter holds the treasure that we seek”.

Testimonials for Gregory Burns MFA

Greg has done an outstanding job with our team sharing important life and leadership skills to deal with challenges, overcome and be successful. Highly motivating for all our staff and for several with one on one coaching sessions which has made a noticeable difference. Thank you very much Greg.

I have seen a lot of motivational speakers in my years, and I am quite certain that your talk will stand the test of time with my organization as having left a real solid imprint.
Procter & Gamble, ASEAN/Australasia/India

Your tenacity and perseverance in pursuing excellence in arts and sports is a reminder to all of us that we should not impose mental limitations on ourselves and to keep trying. Your session was very successful and you were able to engage our agency force because you are very genuine.
Head Of Marketing Services & Events, Manulife

I feel that you gave much more than a speech - I had a real sense of you connecting with the purpose of the summit and going significantly more than the extra mile!
Marketing Director

Gregory's passion to help develop artistic talent in the young and his drive to challenge the perceived limitations of being disabled, have not only served to inspire the children involved in the program, but also the Journeys team and the staff of Credit Suisse as well.
Managing Director
Credit Suisse, Singapore

Perseverance, passion in relation to life and an ability to overcome adversity were the key approaches, which all clearly understood and appreciated in this demanding world.
Director of Corporate Security
Shangri-La International Hotel Management Ltd.

Our entire team from the Asia Pacific Rim truly enjoyed your motivational messages and left our conference with a very positive attitude.
Regional Manager
Johnson & Johnson, Asia Pacific

Thank you for being an uplifting force throughout Equinix. You and your workshops embody all that I have come to cherish most in middle age: wellbeing, impact, community and creativity.
Chief of Staff

Gregory is literally the pied piper. If you could have seen how quickly he engaged the kids at the’d be blown away. By the end of the whole experience, they were asking for his autograph and wanted their photos taken with him. Gregory and Angie are a gifted couple who so generously share of themselves, and it’s evident in the way they draw people to them like magnets and transform them in the process.
Corporate Citizenship, Equinix

Gregory’s workshop delivered a motivating message that truly inspired everyone to come together as one team working towards a common goal and fell perfectly in line with our theme.
Vice President
Global Sales, Marriott