Ask about Graeme Bowman
Key Points
  • Graeme Bowman is a corporate comedian, MC, and hoax speaker, and has many years of experience at turning ho-hum into ha-ha at conferences, launches and awards presentations.
  • From a German grocery guru to a British technology consultant to a Moldavian wine expert to your new Texan CEO, Graeme can become any 'expert' you like and fool any audience you care to provide.
  • As a Lateral Thinking Trainer, Graeme offers an entertaining keynote address that will motivate your people to challenge their current thinking style, then give them valuable tips on how to think more creatively, in order to kick-start the process of innovation. This keynote can also extend into a workshop.
  • Graeme's great advantage lies in the versatility he brings to each event.
  • Entertainer
    Hoax speaker/corporate imposter, corporate comedian, impersonator, after dinner speaker.
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Facilitator
  • Keynote Speaker
    • Creativity and innovation.
    • Social trends and issues (patriarchy and masculinity, gender equality, diversity and inclusion).

You proved to be a very big hit - from the hoax Frenchman, to the MC work, and to the AC-DC close. You had clearly researched our business well and gave the conference a huge dose of energy at the right moments.
Frucor Beverages

Graeme joined us for a 3 day conference as our Master of Ceremonies. His style was a perfect mix of fun, comedy, creativity and seriousness, and his involvement was a big part in this year’s event being labelled the 'best ever'. Graeme also brought a number of hilarious elements to our Awards Dinner, and his hoax speech had a room full of geologists staring bug eyed at the stage wondering what on earth was happening. I would recommend Graeme to any organisers of large and complex events like ours.

When we were planning our National Conference, we had a number of requirements. We were looking for an MC who could engage the audience, keep things on track, and be entertaining. We were also looking for someone who could do some comedy at our opening night dinner, and then someone who could entertain the delegates at the Awards Dinner on the final night. We found them all, and his name is Graeme Bowman.
Elders Financial Planning

Graeme Bowman was Master of Ceremonies at the NSW Business Chamber Annual Awards Dinner. He took on the character of 'Elwood Jefferson', an American news reporter in Sydney preparing for a new show. This hoax worked fantastically well. Attendees were thoroughly captivated by this quirky and off beat character.
NSW Business Chamber

As those in attendance represented the cream of the Meetings Industry, it was not going to be easy to impress them. But impress them you did. Your hilarious opening, which saw naturalist Bruce Attenborough poke fun at our industry, before bursting into a high powered rock song complete with manic dancing, really came out of left field.
Meetings Industry Association of Australia

Last speaker on patriarchy was amazing. Very important messages delivered superbly and with great artistic flair and intellect.
Better Boards Australasia

During our dinner Graeme acted as MC, bogus food waiter, Bruce Attenborough, Hoax Speaker and rock star. This range of characters is testimony to a natural talent which entertained guests and ensured the night’s success. Expect the unexpected. 11 out of 10.
Construction Benefit Services

During ‘Uncork Your Creative Genie’, which combines a hoax speech with a creative thinking presentation, Graeme pretended to be a visiting American agribusiness expert. It was fascinating to see the expressions on people's faces as the hoax gradually unravelled - confusion, amazement and much laughter. Importantly, there were also valuable tips on how to think laterally. Graeme's comedy during the evening was heavily tailored towards the audience, and people loved to hear the names of their colleagues suddenly appearing in a wide variety of jokes and routines.
Commonwealth Bank Regional & Agribusiness Banking

Our audience was very diverse, being a mix of scientists and administrative people, but your highly entertaining and informative address easily held their attention, and gave them insights into how to think more creatively.
CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences

Your flawless impersonation of the late Sir Joh Bjelke Petersen was a highlight of the evening, nothing but rave reviews.

Tasmanian Export Awards

From the moment you stepped onto stage, you captivated the audience and your professional approach and capability was evident. The skits were brilliant and resonated with the delegates. Your background work paid off and hit the mark without offence – an art in itself.

Australian Society of Association Executives

Your David Attenborough opener was instrumental in setting the mood for the evening and was a wonderful icebreaker with our staff.

The variety of characters, which ranged from Austen Powers and a truckie through to a sales rep and a shareholder, added considerable value to the business presentations by highlighting key messages in a humorous but relevant fashion.
Nortel Networks

Your impersonation of a Coca-Cola Vice President from head office in Atlanta seemed to have everyone fooled, yet despite their enjoyment of your antics the presentation of the 'serious' material came across very clearly. It was an innovative way for us to convey the necessary information in a fun and entertaining manner.
Coca Cola

His dual role as MC and entertainer managed to retain the interest of hundreds of staff. He delivered five times in five weeks, without missing a beat.

At our national conference, which was themed around 'change', Graeme Bowman contributed to the outcome in a variety of ways. Apart from serving as Master of Ceremonies, facilitating discussion and injecting a good dose of humour, he also played a key role in three specific sessions: firstly, he delivered a comic hoax speech to open the conference, then opened up the delegate's minds with his presentation, 'How to Suck Great Ideas out of Your Head', then ran a 'team identity' session that fostered much interaction between delegates and helped identify what the Go Vita brand really meant to them. The feedback conducted was overwhelmingly “excellent” in the delegates comments, with quotes of what was said and what actions they were going to take as a result of Graeme’s presentations.
Go Vita

Graeme was brilliant. At a function for an important client of the firm, Graeme's speech managed to break the ice and reduce the formality of the occasion.
Gadens Lawyers

Magnificent job … as Dr George Connor from the World Business Council on Sustainable Development, the audience was caught completely by surprise. The speech broke the ice for many attendees who seemed much more relaxed and enthusiastic about meeting people and exchanging views the following day.
National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality

Thank you for an amazing performance.  You certainly helped to pull a very challenging afternoon into a successful event, ensuring the message was well received.  Your evening component was thoroughly enjoyed, with many commenting after the event on how entertaining your various acts were, and the professionalism of the MC'ing.
ANZ Rural Banking

Many thanks for your fantastic contribution to our recent product launch and roadshow. Your hoax speech as Dr Geoffrey Trescothick and interactive larger-than-life devil’s advocate character, “Trev”, really helped to bring each event to life and make it memorable for a very diverse audience. After seven presentations across Australia, attendee feedback has been the highest in any seminar we have run. This series of events has ensured that the Quantum messages are remembered above the myriad of all others that our clients are inundated with. In follow-up with attendees, it was clear that the core messages stuck, and this paved the way for the next step in our sales process. Because of the entertaining approach, customers were very receptive to what we have to offer. As we were launching a highly specialised and technical IT product, these events could have been very dry, but the humour and quirkiness you injected kept everyone fresh and focused, even at breakfast time! It was also valuable to have some of the genuine, serious material conveyed by Dr Trescothick, while Trev raised important issues that would have been on the audience’s mind in a Q&A format with a difference.