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Key Points for Grace Tame

  • Grace Tame is 2021 Australian of the Year, which inspired an ongoing national conversation around child sexual abuse and grooming.
  • She is the no.1 bestselling author of The Ninth Life of a Diamond Miner, which is continuing and expanding the dialogue, and shedding light on neurodivergence.
  • Grace is CEO of The Grace Tame Foundation, responsible for aimed at preventing and responding to child sexual abuse through law reform, education and awareness raising, and providing funding for child sexual abuse survivor legal fees.
  • As a public speaker and advocate, Grace has addressed the National Press Club twice; tour the country with Business Chicks; delivered keynote addresses for UN Women.

Topics for Grace Tame

  • Child sexual abuse: My story of survival
    • Background
    • Child sexual abuse/re-victimisation
    • Anorexia
    • Substance Abuse
    • Overcoming/resilience
  • Grooming (educational lived experience based advocacy)
    The six phases of child grooming
    • Targeting
    • Gaining trust
    • Filling a need
    • Isolating
    • Sexualising
    • Maintaining control
  • Advocacy: Legal reform
    • Change-making
    • Leadership
  • Neurodivergence
    My experience of autism
  • Marathon running

Testimonials for Grace Tame

On behalf of all of us at Sydney Opera House, thank you for joining us at All About Women this year. We have had really heart-warming feedback on your event Actually Autistic. It has been praised by so many people I am starting to lose track. Some said it was the best All About Women event they had ever seen. Another said: “I am blown away and sky high by how brilliant All About Women has been today. The Actually Autistic session was incredible. I felt it was our youngest and most diverse audience ever which is also thrilling.” And more like that… Actually Autistic sold an extraordinary 1,730 tickets. And it was part of a festival that was the largest in All About Women’s history.
Sydney Opera House

As Propsych considers the protection of young people to be the most urgent of issues, it therefore required the strongest of voices to address our delegates at this inaugural conference. It was difficult to imagine this conference without your presence and advocacy, and behalf of the Propsych team and the delegates at the 2023 Relationships & Sexuality In Schools (RSIS) Conference, and personally, I would like to sincerely thank you for delivering such a powerful presentation on Friday. Thank you for sharing your story, speaking your truth, and so clearly articulating the insidious process of grooming of children by child sex offenders. It was truly heard by every single one of us in the room, and I know it will make a difference as each of the delegates returns to their school with newly opened eyes. Without doubt, your presentation will inform how schools must be more vigilant and it will initiate change with regard to the protection from harm for young people. In addition, your presentation impacted the other speakers who were in the audience, and you were referenced in the presentations that followed your opening keynote on Friday. Therefore, not only have you influenced school staff, but also impacted academics, experts and change makers. We wish you continued strength as you continue your work and please do reach out if Propsych can assist in supporting you in your work with schools.

Grace Tame is a speaker that needs to be heard. Her ability to connect with the audience, her openness, vulnerability and fierce passion to create a world that is safer is inspirational.While her keynote may challenge people it is a keynote that should be heard by as many people as possible. She is able to break down some very complex issues into language that allows further discussion and education. She would be an amazing speaker for your event.
Mercy Care

Grace engaged our audience with her vulnerability, her truth, humour and exceptional story telling. She has the ability to deal with confronting topics in a way that simultaneously had us laughing in stitches and shedding tears of empathy. She was warmly received with two standing ovations and we are so grateful for the way she uses her platform to raise awareness and to create systemic change in our community. Thank you Grace.
Coalition on Criminal Assault in the Home