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Key Points for Gideon Rozner

  • Gideon Rozner is a writer, political commentator and media personality with over 20 years’ experience in politics at all levels.
  • Gideon is one of Australia’s most sought-after conservative commentators, known for his frank and no-holds-barred views on the most important issues facing Australia and the world.
  • Gideon is a prolific television personality, appearing regularly on Sky News Australia, as well as other programs like the ABC’s Q & A, Network Ten’s The Project, Seven’s Today Tonight and the news bulletins of every commercial outlet in Australia, in addition to regular interviews across talkback radio. He has also appeared on several international programs, including Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight.
  • Gideon has also been published in a range of written publications, including The Australian, The Age, The Daily Telegraph, The Herald Sun, The Spectator Australia and Penthouse Australia, as well as several international outlets including the The American Conservative, the UK Daily Telegraph and the Canadian Business Quarterly.
  • Gideon also has extensive experience in digital media, hosting a number of successful short-run podcasts and web shows.
  • In his current role as Director of Policy at the Institute of Public Affairs, Gideon is responsible for leading the national conversation on a range of controversial issues, including economics and monetary policy, climate change, freedom of speech, COVID-19 response and legal rights.

Topics for Gideon Rozner

  • Australian and global politics
    What are the major trends facing Australia and the world? What’s the outlook for the upcoming election? What really happens in Canberra?
  • The long arc of history
    The 2020s are shaping up to be the most volatile period in living memory, with economic and energy crises, the looming threat of war and political volatility around the world. Where do we go from here, and how will it end?
  • Lessons in leadership
    What do you learn from 20 years inside the political process? What do our leaders look like behind closed doors? And what do effective leaders do differently?
  • Economics, inflation and monetary policy
    The global inflationary crisis was entirely predictable, so why did so few see it coming? What does our economic future look like? Is Bitcoin the answer?
  • Media impact
    How do you ‘cut through’ in a fragmented media environment? How do the pros maximise their effectiveness? What does persuasion look like in a polarised world?
  • Tales from the political trenches
    All the war stories and hilarious anecdotes from a lifetime of adventures in politics. The good, bad and ugly of how decisions are really made in Australia.

Testimonials for Gideon Rozner

Very engaging and balanced. He had enthusiasm, open mindedness and was clear and concise in his language. Gideon Rozner carries himself very well.
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