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Key Points for The Honourable Fran Bailey

  • Launched and promoted on the international stage ‘So where the bloody hell are you’ tourism campaign that added $4.2 million to the industry.
  • Key speaker at international forums in London, Edinburgh, Maldives, Beijing and Mumbai.
  • Achieved reputation as a person of influence, who demonstrated how others can achieve this.
  • Effective communicator of difficult issues and challenging campaigns.
  • Passionately connects with audiences by drawing on actual experiences.
  • Experienced media performer.

Topics for The Honourable Fran Bailey

  • Influence
    • What it means

  • Rising to the challenges
    • Risk taking

  • What's next?
    • Career progression, mentoring, balancing family, ambition and work

Testimonials for The Honourable Fran Bailey

An exceptional speaker, Fran is well known nationwide for her incredible achievements. As a speaker, Fran is open, honest and hilariously funny. Her experiences are truly amazing and told in such a way that leave the audience gasping in awe of her tenacity, creativity and warmth.
Dr Louise Mahler, Presence and Influence

Few people can match the diversity of experiences that Fran shares with her audience. She made me laugh, challenged some of some perceptions and held me in awe. She simply oozes authenticity.
Peter McWilliam, Paragon Plastics