Ask about Eve Ash
Key Points
  • Eve Ash is an entertaining and experienced public speaker, MC and business facilitator who delights in the challenge and gets great audience reaction.
  • She covers a diversity of topics including health and well-being, success and motivation, management, communication, service, leadership, coaching, change, feedback, teamwork, presentation skills and film distribution.
  • Founder of SEVEN DIMENSIONS, Eve has produced over 500 business training, health and educational films, videos and television episodes and 40 assessment tools. She pioneered the comedy training film business in Australia and began producing films and videos to motivate people to change behaviours.
  • Author of best selling book "Re-write your life" and "Rewrite Your Relationships!" (co-written by Rob Gerrand)
  • How to Create a Winning Mindset for Success in Life
  • Managing Difficult People with Ease
  • Inspirational Leadership, Vision & Values
  • Developing Feedback, Coaching and Counselling Skills
  • How to Create a Positive and Powerful Culture
  • Building Presentation & Public Speaking Skills
  • Passion for Service Excellence
  • Creating Opportunity and Innovation
  • Master of Ceremonies

Eve Ash is an extraordinary business woman and exceptional public speaker. Her education and experience as both a psychologist and training producer/practitioner coupled with her reputation in the training & development industry at large provide speak volumes about her credibility and impact on behavior change. If you are seeking a highly dynamic and enthusiastic speaker--someone who brings both depth and breadth to a presentation along with humor, I highly recommend you consider Eve Ash.
Vision Point USA

Eve was brilliant in her role as facilitator and motivator. 
Marie Stopes International 

Eve Ash was the most interesting speaker. Rather than just talking about the problems, she presented solutions to the problems. 
Outstanding – a highly professional and wonderful presentation.
Ausmed Conferences 

I enjoyed your presentation, you are one inspiring person!
Senior Export Adviser, Austrade 

It takes a unique combination of skills to engage an online audience – even more so when there are participants literally from around the world. Eve exudes a very comfortable presence and is adept at delivering a subtle mix of education and entertainment; she is an all-around superb speaker… Eve is a gem to work with.
Performance Agents, WEBINARS, USA 

Eve was inspirational....
Attendee from the CPA Australia SME Day 

Definitely the best training I have ever been to so far.
Presenter was outstanding
Handling Difficult People Workshop, Dept of Justice 

...a thought provoking and entertaining presentation with excellent feedback.
GM Hudson 

As a presenter, Eve is informed, entertaining, accessible, and above all, memorable. From the moment Eve stands up, it is clear she knows what she is talking about and is confident in leading an audience through the process of learning, remembering and enjoying the information presented. Eve is impeccably presented, displays appropriate tone, energy and delivery style variation. Anecdotes were used to perfection, steering away from indulgence and instead building a solid bridge to connect her with her audience. While Eve presented at the beginning of the day, the impact of her presentation set a high quality expectation for the event and was broadly commented on by participants at the conclusion of the day as a highlight of the event. 
Eve Ash is a pleasure to work with. Her communication style through the event from preparation to conclusion was immaculate. 
A common response from participants being: Eve was fantastic. 
Eve brings a unique personality to the stage that is at once calming, entertaining and highly informative.
As a keynote speaker, Eve’s style promotes faith that the information presented at the event will be of high quality and that the angle on the information provided will be unique. Eve inspires confidence in her abilities from the start and leaves both participants and organising committee members with a feeling of great satisfaction.
Bizsmart Conference
Banyule City Council 

The best! Fun, interesting hard to forget. Great learning.
Held my interest throughout. Very knowledgeable.
Team Building

Thank you for the enlightening and most interesting workshop... Other participants who I come across that attended that day are still singing your praises and I am so motivated to be putting into place that information that you gave us all.
Welfare worker, Mildura 

Thanks for a great day, it was the best course I have ever attended!
Participant  IOOF 

The participants were very excited about the program, and it was beyond my expectations in success.
Executive Officer, ATEM (Qld) 

Eve is a great speaker who instantly builds a connection with her audience
Claire M 
Eve was fantastic – so easy to follow and entertaining
Kellie T 
Eve is amazing in her ability to engage an audience
Peter R 
A thought provoking presentation by an excellent presenter
David Z 
Participant feedback - Make a Difference event

Eve, your presentation was amazing. You captured the audiences’ attention with ease. It was refreshing and very well received. 
General Manager - Victoria

Having Eve as the keynote speaker …was “an inspired choice  
Deputy CEO
Volunteering Australia  

Eve’s keynote was inspiring, relevant, valuable and motivational. It is rare to find a presenter who leaves the audience wanting more. 
Hocking Stuart Pty Ltd 

I very much enjoyed Eve’s presentation. It was inspiring and her knack for making her audience reassess they way they think can be a life changing experience.
Public Affairs Manager
Qenos Pty Ltd 

The feedback indicated your sessions to be a highlight of the day ... a lot of positive scripts were expressed at the conclusion of the day!  
Registrar, Faculty of Business and Law
Deakin University

I am grateful to Eve Ash for her mentoring, facilitation, and the client focused culture she has helped create over our 7 years. Eve has remarkable energy, insight and an ability to inspire everyone. 
CEO of international health organization

Thank you for your brilliant MC work … You were everything and much more than we hoped for.  
Turtle Corporation 

Eve delivered a Service Skills Program to 1100 Client Service Division staff: “Many managers and staff commented on the positive impact the Program had on their ability to provide service. As co-ordinator of the program, I enjoyed working with Eve Ash and found her staff to be most cooperative and professional. 

I found your presentation inspirational, judging from the response and feedback; the other participants felt the same.  Thank you very much for your time and effort. 
AHRI Young Professionals 

…Presentation was excellent and the content struck home to most of the gathering…. In fact, I received a number of telephone calls from people thanking me for Eve’s appearance. 
Brian James Communication Services 

Your session was certainly a show stopper as well as being great reinforcement of what positive thinking can lead to.
Reserve Bank of Australia 

This has been the best seminar I have ever attended... .It has helped me focus on what I can do to make a difference with my people.  Thank you.
Prudential Assurance 

Eve Ash’s manner is captivating.  Her informal presentation techniques, ability to focus the group and knowledge of current issues provided for an excellent learning environment. 
Civil Service Association 

We were truly inspired by your message - you are an outstanding achiever and a role model for all who feel that there are obstacles standing in the way of us reaching our goals. 
Vili’s Cakes 

Eve spoke very well at our function. Her two seminar sessions were right on the money for what the audience required. She was very organized and easy to deal with. Her friendly and down to earth attitude made it very easy to engage with her. I would highly recommend her to other school groups as a speaker.  
Oberon South Primary School  

Eve was absolutely fantastic, engaging, professional, humorous. From my initial contact with her, right through to her delivery of the Keynote and workshop - she was accommodating, thorough, organised and addressed all of our topic and issue requirements, staff loved her and could relate to her life experiences and positive mind scripts.  I would be pleased to recommend her to any company and we would love to have her back again. 
South West Institute of Tafe  

Lots of positive feedback from delegates. Eve spoke clearly, succinctly and kept us very interested. She had a hard job as she was the last speaker for the Workshop.
Department of Education and Early Childhood