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Key Points for Eric Campbell

  • Eric Campbell is one of Australia’s best known and most experienced international journalists, having reported from more than 100 countries for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation since 1996.
  • He has headed ABC bureaus in Moscow, Beijing and Kabul and most recently spent three years based in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Eric has covered wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya and Kosovo and reported from every continent including Antarctica, and in 2003 he won the Logie Award for Best News Coverage in Afghanistan.
  • Since recovering from his injuries after being badly wounded in an Iraq suicide bombing in 2003, Eric has been a roving reporter for ABC TV’s flagship international program, Foreign Correspondent.
  • Eric is a specialist on the former Soviet Union and a sought-after commentator on Ukraine and on Vladimir Putin. He has also worked extensively in Taiwan and run Chinese blockades to film disputed reefs claimed by China in the South China Sea.
  • He has made several documentaries on climate change and has witnessed the effects of global heating first-hand from Greenland to the Falkland Islands, the Himalaya, the Swiss Alps, West Africa, California, the Philippines and the Norwegian High Arctic.
  • Eric is the author of two best-selling travel memoirs, Silly Isles and Absurdistan which has been translated into three languages.

Topics for Eric Campbell

  • Foreign affairs
    • Former Soviet Union, Ukraine and Vladimir Putin.
    • Taiwan and China.
  • Climate change and global warming
  • Stories from my life as an foreign journalist 

Testimonials for Eric Campbell

Eric was very responsive and affable behind the scenes while arranging his involvement and was a delight to work with. His presentation was extremely impactful with 100% of those in attendance rating Eric in the range from very good to perfect as a speaker. His session was not only interesting but engaging and eye-opening to the psychological hazards in his line of work. He inspired many and presented information attendees voted they could use for the future.
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Would the man in the blue shirt please take your seat. Reliant on Eric Campbell’s astute observation that over 50% of the men attending an AHF dinner wore blue shirts worked wonders. His announcement at the commencement of the evening had most men scurrying to their seats without further ado. And for those that didn’t a reminder In Eric’s fluent follow up in Russian did the trick. During my heady days as Executive Director of the Australian Himalayan Foundation we had forged a close working relationship with Eric as when he highlighted the Foundation’s programs in Ladakh, Northern India, Nepal and Bhutan when he presented the ABC’s Foreign Correspondent documentaries. Our annual fundraising dinner at the Sofitel hotel in Sydney was one of the most successful dinners we have run and for that we are deeply in gratitude to Eric. On that particular evening an attendance of between 250 to 300 potential donors Eric did all that was expected from him and far more. He went beyond the call of duty when creating a conducive atmosphere for the evening as he introduced the special guests, slipped in anecdotes on his travels in the Himalaya, co-ordinated the auction …….as well as keeping men in blue shirts under tight control. Indeed Eric can claim responsibility for securing some outlandish bids in the live auction which he undertook with suitable aplomb and good humour. If you are considering hiring an MC to guarantee a memorable evening Eric Campbell is eminently suitable. I still recall that wonderful evening
Deputy Chair Australian Himalayan Foundation