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Key Points for Emma Hannigan

  • Emma Hannigan currently a journalist for the ABC and is a Senior International TV News Journalist and Presenter with SBS, CNN & BBC.
  • She has interviewed high profile personalities including Russel Crowe, Cate Blanchett & Angelina Jolie as well as Australian Prime Ministers, politicians and leading Australian public figures. 
  • She is the founder of Emerald Women’s Leadership Network, which has grown from a pilot programme in Sydney to groups in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.
  • Is a contributor to Business Chicks Latte magazine and Y Mag.
  • Has led workshops with hundreds of business leaders and CEO’s across Australia, empowering them to authentically connect through the power of storytelling.
  • Has over 20 years of media industry experience, bringing poise and experience to high pressure events.

Topics for Emma Hannigan

  • Know your story, grow your business
    Storytelling for Business and Leadership. In a digital age, your business is telling a story, tell the story you want people to hear. 
  • Storytelling or telling stories?
    Stories engage and words have power – but only if they ring true. How to communicate more authentically.
  • Storytelling as empowerment. Women in leadership
    The stories women leaders tell has the ability to empower others to reach their full potential. You cannot be what you cannot see.
  • Leaders as storytellers 
    A key component of leadership is the ability to tell your story.  How to tell the right stories at the right time to the right audience.
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Facilitator
  • Interviewer

Testimonials for Emma Hannigan

Emma Hannigan holds a room like to no other, she engages her audience from the first moment and keeps them inside the event all the way through to the end. She delivers with humour and grace and has a genuine interest in the people involved. We gave Emma the greatest challenge – keep an 20 category Awards program audience engaged for two and half hours ONLINE … in a green screen studio … with a 90 page script. We are still receiving the most positive feedback from business leaders involved - a month later. Emma is a superstar and I would highly recommend her as an MC, panel facilitator or interviewer for any event or function where you want the confidence of knowing you will have a great outcome.”
Regional Manager
Business NSW

Emma was an excellent and engaging interviewer and was able to really connect with the speakers and audience. It’s clear she has a passion for storytelling and she was able to work with the speakers to get raw and insightful outcomes. We had great feedback from the event and Emma was a pleasure to work with.
Business Chicks

Having seen Emma hold the attention of an audience of many hundreds at black tie award dinners and conducting Q&As at cocktail parties, I can confidently say that she has a combination of a professional and personable style as well as substance that makes her a captivating MC. She reads her audience perfectly, gets and holds their attention, pitches to their interests, times it well and engages with them while bringing an authentic humour and knowledge to each event and helps make them a success.
Head of Membership
Australian Industry Group

We have engaged Emma as a speaker at numerous events with hundreds of guests.  Her warmth, humour and intellect makes her an engaging speaker and MC.  Guest leave feeling connected and engaged.
Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce

I recently attended an amazing talk by Emma. She absolutely nailed it. She convinced us of how powerful in marketing it is to tell a good authentic story and importantly she gave us excellent practical steps to develop our story. She was delightful while asking probing questions to tease out a truly authentic story capable of grabbing media attention. She is a genius.
Startup Investor
Founder, Board Director
Jelix Ventures

Emma shared her experience and wisdom with the LWYD (Love What You Do) Collective tribe of women. It was such an incredible night and I was so thankful for her openness, vulnerability and willingness to share from the heart. I loved how authentically she showed up and how impactful her stories & insights were for the attendees.
Founder and Host
LWYD Collective

Emma’s workshop on Storytelling for Business and Leadership was excellent. It was a valuable session with significant impact. Everyone was so engaged that they worked through the break on a task that she had set.
The Executive Connection Sydney

During the workshop on Storytelling for Business and Leadership Emma engaged very deeply with every member of the group. Her approach to storytelling elicited deep insights about each of the members. Emma led a seriously powerful session which delivered a tool for members to better present themselves, their companies and their products to others.
The Executive Connection Melbourne