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Elliot Goblet

Key Points

  • Elliot Goblet is one of Australia's most original and best-known comedians.
  • Although well known for his television appearances as a guest comedian on variety shows, 90% of his work is as a corporate entertainer at events like conferences, product launches, dinners and client parties.
  • He loves to get inside the world of the organisation that hires him. Whether doing a 20 or 50 minute spot or acting as the MC, Elliot's major strength is his ability to write tailored material for each presentation after efficient research into the industry, company or association.
  • He’s been described as 'The Safe Corporate Humorist' because he is squeaky clean and cautious with the material he uses, although Elliot Goblet's impact will last long after he leaves an event. He always gives his audience a lot to laugh about.

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