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Key Points for Duncan Chessell

  • Duncan Chessell is the founder and full time Executive Director of ASX listed Northern Cobalt Ltd (ASX:N27).
  • He is also the founder of DCXP, a world wide expedition business.
  • He was the first South Australian to climb Mount Everest, climbing the summit three times.
  • He is the leader of five Antarctic expeditions, leader of successful climbs to the 7 summits and leader of over 80+ expeditions worldwide.
  • Co-founder of the Himalayan Development Foundation Australia Inc.

Topics for Duncan Chessell

  • The challenge
    Mountaineering is one of the few remaining outlets for the modern-day adventurer. It offers physical and mental challenges far in excess of those available from more mainstream undertakings. It is the unrivalled opportunity for experiential learning – to learn about yourself and put what you discover into practice.

    Expeditions pose a significant management challenge. They require a leader who is able to coordinate the tasks of project management and planning, promotion, event management, leadership, logistics, training and mentoring, as well as being an athlete. In this environment good management, judgement and teamwork are as important as good lungs, strong legs and good technique – even more important.

    Serious teamwork and reliance on both self and others are paramount, as they are in business. Expeditions present an amazing opportunity to learn about yourself and to put what you discover into practice.

  • Tailored presentations – Key themes
    Duncan’s superbly illustrated audiovisual presentations offer valuable learning experiences and new perspectives while being marvellous stories into the bargain.

    Duncan’s presentations based on the themes ‘The Essence of Leadership’, ‘Lessons from Adventure’, ‘Follow Your Dreams’, or ‘Journey to the Roof of the World’ can be tailored to suit the needs of your organisation or team, from fascinating conference keynote addresses to customised workshops or presentations for your senior management team.

    Expedition and company leadership has taught Duncan many lessons and the story of Everest and The Seven Summits lends itself to a number of main concepts including:
    • Vision – setting a clear goal 
    • Inspiration – Living your dream
    • Leadership – situational leadership and teamwork
    • Goal setting – breaking 'impossible' tasks into bite-sized chunks 
    • Continuous Improvement – Project learning cycle – plan, do, reflect
    • Project management – planning, logistics, risk management
    • The importance of self-awareness – individual, team, company

      The solution to your group’s needs might be an inspirational tailored presentation, or a seminar presentation with debriefing that fits into a larger overriding program, or you may derive increased value by adding a breakout session or workshop. Duncan will work with you to customise a solution.

      Duncan’s presentations offer valuable learning experiences conveyed through remarkable stories - you will be inspired by the beauty of the Himalayas and mountains of the world, awed by the challenges and impressed with the team and individual effort that made the dreams reality.

Testimonials for Duncan Chessell

A confident speaker with a big story to tell.
Kooyonga Golf Club

Duncan is a very confident and relaxed speaker with a disarming and persuasive style ….. he kept the entire audience fascinated for the best part of an hour…. We thoroughly recommend Duncan's presentation to any audience. There is something 'in it' for everybody.
St Peters Collegians' Association
Excellent - Duncan was extremely well received by our industry guests and his experiences were captivating.  His presentation also blended an application to business and was motivational.

I have used Duncan Chessell on a number of occasions to speak to staff on management and in motivating people to strive to meet challenges at work and in life. Duncan draws on his expertise as a mountain climber and adventurer to relate management and leadership concepts in a powerful and entertaining way.... Duncan has a humble and unassuming style of presenting that is able to get through to even the most cynical participant of a management/ leadership workshop/seminar. He is able to relate to people at all levels and I can strongly recommended Duncan's seminars and workshops to managers and CEO's wanting to energise and inspire their organisations.
Chief Electronic Warfare and Radar Division

On behalf of all members and guests of the Entrepreneurs Organisation, I would like to thank you for your presentation. All of our members voted your event 8 out of 10 or better. This is a fantastic result.
I am pleased you were able to combine the skills of mountaineering with the skills needed to run a business and present in a manner that was educational, inspiring and enjoyable.
President EO SA

Duncan's presentation was one that captivated all those in the audience and put simply " you could have heard a pin drop".   So many felt privileged to visit the summit of Everest through the eyes of one of South Australia's finest.   Thankyou.
SA Health - Mental Health Unit

Duncan's presentation was well received by the whole group. Duncan's visual presentation enabled the audience to connect with his stories and adventures. His stories were captivating and provided a unique insight into mountain climbing, the highs, the lows and the mighty challenges. Duncan's discussions around goal setting and team work, gained from his extreme experiences, were valuable and enabled the group to reflect on their own experiences and future goals. Duncan was very personable and willing to share his experiences openly with the group.
Department of Water Land and Biodiversity