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Key Points for Dr. Taryn Marie Stejskal

  • Dr. Taryn Marie developed "The Five Practices of Highly Resilient People," a data-driven framework that underpins her work, proving resilience's critical role in personal and organizational growth worldwide.
  • With a track record as the Head of Executive Leadership Development & Talent Strategy at Nike and Head of Global Leadership Development at Cigna, she brings a wealth of experience from the corporate world.
  • Acknowledged by Global Gurus and a Marshall Goldsmith Top 100 Executive Coach, Dr. Taryn Marie's expertise in leadership and resilience places her among the top thinkers in the field.
  • Her TEDx talk, "How Resilience Breaks Us Out of Our Vulnerability Cage," with over 1 million views, exemplifies her ability to engage and inspire audiences, making resilience accessible to all.

Topics for Dr. Taryn Marie Stejskal

  • The five practices of highly resilient people: Why some flourish when others fold
    What are the attributes that determine whether your leaders, teams, and organization will flourish or fold in times of change and transition? After conducting twenty years of research to understand how people effectively face challenge, resilience has emerged as the key differentiator that sustains people in moments of difficulty, ambiguity, and adversity. In this signature keynote, Dr. Taryn Marie shares the myths that have clouded our understanding of resilience and invites audiences to look within themselves, rather than outside of themselves for resilience. She inspires audiences with the practical, tangible, and evidence-based framework, The 5 Practices of Highly Resilient People, based on her #1 WSJ Bestselling book, where attendees will identify and adopt practices that will enhance their wellbeing and sustain their resilience.
  • Resilience is a team sport: A model for transformation, team engagement, and retention
    Resilience is not an individual pursuit, but instead a team sport as today’s workplace requires new strategies for connecting and getting results. While engagement and retention are top of mind for many organizations, previous leadership models are outdated and offer little value. Resilience is not an individual pursuit – it’s a team sport. The commonality amongst the most effective leaders and teams is a commitment to developing a culture of resilience, along with empathy. By fostering resilience and developing the whole person, team members move from a mentality of “crossing the finish line first” to "how we cross the finish line together”. The 5 Practices of Highly Resilient People is a proven method to help your team enhance resilience and transform their leadership while boosting productivity, engagement, and retention, along with deepening relationships.
  • From burnout to balance: Practices to restore and optimize engagement
    The sheer volume of challenge and rate of change has left people feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. In this signature talk, Dr. Taryn Marie provides practical, actionable, and research-based solutions for individuals, teams, and organizations to find greater balance, peace, and well-being. Drawing on her unique background heading global leadership development for organizations across the globe, and her empirical framework, The 5 Practices of Highly Resilient People, this keynote provides a roadmap for how we can we flourish in our places of work.
  • The not-so-surprising link between resilience, innovation, and creativity: Making the impossible, possible
    How can organizations & leaders foster cultures that leverage innovation and creativity as fuel? While organizations have sought to understand the secret sauce that allows their people to effectively address challenge and pursue innovation, they often overlook a key ingredient that fosters innovation: resilience. In this talk, Dr. Taryn Marie reveals how individuals, teams, and organization can harness and enhance resilience, through her proven framework, The 5 Practices of Highly Resilient People, that help eliminate fear of failure and take action toward amplifying innovation to make the seemingly impossible, becomes possible.
  • Harness resilience to advance the future of work: Effectively navigating uncertainty and ambiguity
    As the landscape continues to shift at lightning speeds with economic & digital advancements, including AI, leaders and teams have a golden opportunity to dig deep and uncover new ways to advance the future of work by harnessing courage, conviction, and candor. In this insightful talk, Dr. Taryn Marie takes the audience through a proven framework to find grounding in times of high-stress and uncover opportunities that exist to propel the team & organization forward. Developing a culture of resilience is the antidote to the immense challenge, change and complexity we find ourselves in today.
  • Women, wellness, and worthiness: How to achieve the seemingly impossible
    As a former executive at Cigna and Nike, Dr. Taryn Marie has a unique ability to support women with their ambition and desire to accomplish big goals without sacrificing personal life, well-being, or sanity. Her message of radical possibility, combined with The 5 Practices of Highly Resilient People, leaves audiences inspired and equipped with practical tools. Dr. Taryn Marie gives audiences a candid look at ways well-meaning women sacrifice wellness, sabotage themselves and others, and feel unworthy. She provides insight to uplift not only themselves, but those around them, with the ability to find a flow in both work and family life, while believing more deeply in their inherent enough-ness!
  • Close the confidence gap: Three proven secrets to boost your confidence and eliminate procrastination
    You’ve totally got this. If you don’t believe that you’ve got this, you may think that mastering confidence something for other people. This inspirational and interactive talk will allow everyone to understand how to harness their confidence, once and for all! Drawing from her work as Marshall Goldsmith’s Top 100 Coach and her empirical framework, The Five Practices of highly resilient People, Dr. Taryn Marie shows you how to apply key strategies high-level leaders and athletes use to amplify confidence. Because people aren’t born confident, confidence is developed through dedication and intentional practice!

Testimonials for Dr. Taryn Marie Stejskal

D Taryn Marie Stejskal has incredible empathy and intuition, so it’s no surprise that she is such a great coach! During the time that I worked with Taryn, I experienced firsthand her ability to quickly tune into what’s happening with others and ask critical questions to laser focus on what is most important.
President and Strategist

Viewing life through the lens of resilience has eradicated some of my greatest self-imposed challenges, provided a new framework for dealing with adversity, and opened my mind to the abundant possibilities that exist in every situation. Resilience was the missing piece in my development, and with it, I am more powerful and capable than I've ever been in the past.

Dr Taryn Marie Stejskal is an eloquent, effective communicator motivated by care and compassion. She approaches her life from a place of gratitude. She applies these traits in every relationship and interaction. Taryn’s partnership has been integral to helping me obtain a deeper level of introspection, self-awareness, embrace vulnerability and grow in my resilience.
Cigna Medical Group